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by Lee Foster

I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving sneaks up on me before I even have the Halloween decorations put away. Suddenly everyone is talking about food, the cost of airline reservations and who is going where for dinner.  Since I live in the city, work full time and am not a good cook, I have found the perfect solution for Thanksgiving…

Rent a house in some great vacation place that is driving distance from home.  In my case, the Outer Banks is a perfect.  There are hundreds of great houses for rent and North Carolina has been known to have a seventy-degree warm spell over the Thanksgiving holiday.

For the more adventurous, find a place to reach by ferry: Bald Head Island, Nantucket, Oxford or Sausalito are great choices.  Having a vacation rental house in a magical place makes even the shorter holiday seem long and the memories more lasting. When we travel for Thanksgiving, we take along our traditional Thanksgiving accoutrements – special serving dishes, placemats and napkins, holiday sweaters, family recipes and, of course, a football.

In David Letterman style, I offer you my Top Ten reasons to rent a vacation house for the Thanksgiving holiday. Counting down, reason number: