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Best Ski Resort Food

Frequent visits to a ski resort cafeteria cure the common hamburger addiction. Made from sources that might or might be meat, these atrocities often cost more than 10 dollars!  Before you decide to brown bag it, check out these resorts that prove that good food in ski cafeterias is not an oxymoron!

1. Deer Valley

Despite its location in the conservative state of Utah, Deer Valley appeals to a skier’s most hedonistic desires. The extravagence of the cafeteria proves it. Guests wake up to the smell of cinnamon French toast, with real, honest to goodness maple syrup. At lunchtime, the salad barbeckons you with a corncucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables or a hot bowl of turkey chili.

2. Moonlight Basin 

The Timbers Deli is located on the first floor of the Moonlight Lodge, at the Moonlight Ski Resort, adjacent to Big Sky in Montana. This is the place to go if you believe in freedom of choice for lunch. The build your own sandwich menu lets you pick your meat, cheese, vegetable and bread, from a selection of fresh and healthy ingredients. Meet eaters have not seen nothing like the Mighty Quinn, a raost beef sandwich loaded with mustard, green chilis, peppers, amyo and horseradish.

3. Copper Mountain

Finding tasty meals at Copper Mountain is like searching for powder– you have to know where to look and when to go.  Jack´s, the main cafeteria in Center Village, often features specialty gourmet stations, with Asian and other types of specialty foods. These usually open in the height of the season.  The cafeteria in East Village offers a choice of different types of pasta with different sauces, and a yummy pience of Italian bread.

4. Aspen

Aspenites demand the best of everything, and their cafeterias prove it. This beautiful people´s winter wonderland serves a tempting variety of healthy sandwiches and salads, many with calories low enough to keep you looking svelte and sexy in your Bogners.

5. Stowe

A Rice Krispies breakfast hardly sustains your energy level for a day on the slopes. The folks at the Spruce Base Camp Lodge understand. That´s why they serve up luscious, made to order breakfasts. During the lunchtime, the smells of maple barbecue sauce, crab cakes and copper ale soup entice skiers to come in, sit down, relax and eat!

6. Keystone

The Keystone resort is another example of how you can find excellent food at a ski resort, if you know where to look. In this case, we´re talking AAA Four Diamond type dining. Alpenglow Stube sits at the top of Keystone´s Outpost Gondola. Open for lunch and dinner, this award-winning lunch and dinner restaurant serves delicacies such as Colorado lamb and fresh water bass. The chefs of Alpenglow Stube also cater the lunches served at the Independence Yurt, which is a stop along Keystone´s Backountry Adventure Tour.

7. Mammoth

The Mill Cafe at Mammoth Mountain features juicy meat and poultry dishes, grilled with a smokey flavor and served with their secret recipe dipping sauces. They recently added a burrito cat, which travels throughoyt the mountain. This is perfect for those who would rather not waste time on cafeteria lines.

8. Park City

If Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday, you do not need to wait for November to enjoy it. Simply go to Park City and eat at the Snow Hut, located at the base of the Silverlode Lift. This restaurant serves turkey, cranberry sauce and all the fixings every day. It kind of makes you thankful that you´re a skier!

Note: Since everyone´s taste is different, these ski resort dining venues are not listed in any particular order. Many happy turns and meals!