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Get Your Winter Creativity Going in Mont Tremblant

It’s no secret that Canada has a successful formula to superb skiing during the winter. Mont Tremblant has been a sensation in Canada’s Eastern region for years. In fact, the area has been honored with Ski Magazine’s title “Best snow skiing in Eastern North America” for 12 consecutive years.

To reach the stunning alpines of Mont Tremblant from Montreal, head north on the main thoroughfare of Autoroute Laurentienne (Hwy 15 North) – it’s about a two hour drive (80 miles/130 km). You’ll arrive at a winter wonderland, where you can exercise up and down on more than 94 runs, and some 600 skiable acres. To be exact, one of the longest ski trails in the country at nearly 4 miles long is located at Mont Tremblant.

After years of the same old hat of just conventional skiing, take a leap this year and try something new. Here’s a few adrenaline-spiking activities for you to indulge in this season at Mont Tremblant:


When you’re wearing snowshoes, bitter cold temperatures are never an obstacle. Bundle up your feet and put them to good use in Mont Tremblant; snowshoeing is easy. Take short steps while digging in with the balls of your feet, and when you’re going downhill, rely on fast baby steps downhill. That’s really all there is to it.

Snowshoeing is ideal for families and groups. You can take a guided nature tour or venture out at your own pace on the pristine snowshoe trails.

Ice Climbing

With the enthusiasm for rock climbing growing, an interest in ice climbing naturally follows. With the use of specialized ropes, clamps, spikes, and a steely set of nerves, beginners, too, can start ice climbing at Mont Tremblant. At training sessions, novices gain the required skills while the qualified instructors will assure that you’re safe and sound. Master a challenge as you’re accompanied by professionals.

Dog sledding

Although it’s not a new sport, dog sledding is finding its niche as a form of fun recreation. At Mont Tremblant, you can drive a dog sled with your entire family, accompanied by a skilled Musher guide, of course. Valleys, forests, mountains and miles of trails; you’ll see it all at Mont Tremblant. It’s bound to be a memorable experience to talk about and remember for years to come.


Tubing can be a workout and bonding experience for the entire family. It’s basically the same as tobogganing, but using inner tubes instead. At Mont Tremblant, Aventures Neige offers tubing, including private parties with catering if you wish. Give your own meaning to the adage, “The family that plays together stays together.”


The ice-fishing season is in full swing during the winter in Mont Tremblant. Ice fishing may not seem like much of a sport to those who don’t enjoy fishing, but in fact there is nothing like catching a pike or perch and sharing it with the rest of the family. This pastime in Mont Tremblant begins as soon as the ice is thick enough; between 16 and 24 inches thick is seen as safe.


Snowboarding originated from skateboarding and ocean surfing. Today, it consists of one single board gliding down the same ski slopes as conventional skiers. The Snow-School at Mont Tremblant is open to all ages, so there is no longer an excuse not to try the fast pace action of snowboarding. Group and private lessons are available.


Skiing is not mandatory at Mont Tremblant. As an alternative, try snowmobiling. Organized Tours are available for you to experience the panorama in a way that only the high elevations can provide. Those who have never ridden a snowmobile before will have their adrenaline hitting new heights after setting off on Mont Tremblant’s ascending peaks, snow-covered forests and vast trails.

Overall, hot new winter sports will continue to pop up as long as there is snow to challenge the minds of the winter sports enthusiasts. It is places like Mont Tremblant that will make sure to make the long, cold winter a paradise of adventure and fun for all.