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by Jenn & Hanna

Traditionally, April Fool’s Day has been a day to act out wildly, prank your friends, or play practical jokes on your classmates. Remember replacing the contents of a sugar bowl with salt as a small child, or jamming a dye tablet behind the faucet screen so the water ran red? One year I carefully crafted ice cream cones out of mashed potatoes, complete with chocolate syrup for an April Fool’s Day joke the kids have never forgotten.

In our family, April Fool’s Day has become synonymous with major change. We’ve sold one house and bought another, taken off on round the world trips, switched continents and made other major life changes on April first. Some would call these a “fool’s errand,” but to us, it’s a tradition that we hold dear and every year we consider what our “next big thing” could be as April 1 approaches. Even if you don’t take off on April 1, you could make a shocking announcement of big changes to come and the joke will be on your friends when they find that you’re not fooling at all! Here are a few ideas to set you dreaming: