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Today we are featuring Jessica Benavides Canepa, a travel and luxury lifestyle writer currently preparing for her new adventures in Shanghai, China this fall. Learn more about her travels at: www.jbcanepa.com

First time visitors to Spain often hope to see the country they’ve seen in movies; colorful mosaic architecture, flamenco dancers commanding center stage, movie star matadors, regal white horses and tapas bars featuring sangria being poured from bottomless pitchers. The good news for these traveling dreamers is that should they visit Seville, that wouldn’t be too far off from the truth.  Indeed, this enchanting Andalusian capital offers plenty in terms of entertaining tourist attractions and rich history. But once you have had your fill of monuments and bought enough souvenirs for everyone back home, why not get a new perspective (and some interesting photos) by taking a detour into the authentic lives of the nativesHere are a few ways to make that happen: