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by Emily Monaco

Several hundreds of years ago, in 1620, English pilgrims looking for the freedom to practice their religion without persecution landed at Plymouth Rock. Now, nearly four hundred years later, Plymouth still attracts visitors looking for a taste of what our forefathers first saw when they first arrived in America. The town of Plymouth, located just over the bridge from Cape Cod, is home to several historical exhibits and sites to visit, including a replica of the Mayflower in Plymouth harbor. It’s a great jumping-off point for your vacation in this historic region.

One of the most memorable school trips of my childhood was a (very long) bus ride up through Massachusetts, where we — 30-some-odd New York City kids — got to know about farming: one of the backbones of our nation and a concept entirely unfamiliar to us. We tried our hands at milking a cow, distinguished weeds from carrots in a garden and made our very own lunch… but before we could eat the local, hand-picked produce we had prepared, we tasted some local foods, including something that looked like a plastic red berry and tasted like the white pith of a lemon.