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Today we are featuring David Wise. Originally from Australia, at last count, David had been to 53 countries. He loves to combine travel and sport. His next stop is Ukraine and Poland for EURO 2012.

Tel Aviv is the social center of Israel. All Israel tour packages will spend considerable time in Israel’s most sophisticated and cosmopolitan city. Here are five activities that will let any visitor get the most out of Tel Aviv.

1. Lazing on the Beach

Tel Aviv sits on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It has eight miles of beaches to enjoy. A promenade runs along the long stretch of beach and has a variety of restaurants for a relaxing lunch or dinner.

There are plenty of the typical water sports available at the beaches as well, from jet skiing to surf lessons. The stand-up paddle board is a local specialty, so taking lessons in this unique way to enjoy the sea would be an Israeli experience.

2. The Shopping

Tel Aviv has shops with all the world’s leading designers, mostly found in Kikar Hamedina and Ramat Aviv mall. However, Tel Aviv is also the heart of a very active fashion design scene in Israel. More interesting shopping options may be many of the small shops stocked with locally designed goods, some even run by the designers themselves. Many can be found on Sheinkin Street, Rothschild Boulevard, and the Florentine neighborhood.

People more interested in discovering a great find at flea markets should go to the Carmel Market, a second hand furniture market. It’s also a food market, so shoppers can eat and shop all day.

3. Learn About a National and Global Culture

The Museum of the Jewish People (“Beit HaTfutsot”) tells the story of the Jewish people going back thousands of years and covering every corner of the globe. One of the most memorable exhibits is the constant flow of contemporary photographs of Jews representing every nation on Earth. The exhibition halls are designed around themes of faith, culture, family, and community. There are two other exhibition halls, one that focuses on Israel and the other on the relationship between Jews and their many host cultures in other countries.

4. Explore the Arts

In addition to some leading art galleries, Tel Aviv is home to some neighborhoods that are art works themselves. Neve Tzedek is a little village within the city has long been home to artistic types. Many of its homes have architectural significance.

A Bauhaus tour highlights Tel Aviv’s wealth of Bauhaus buildings. The Bauhaus Center gives the history of the city and this distinct architectural style.

There are a number of performing arts venues, but the most unusual is the Na’Laga’at Center in the Jaffa Port. This center is home to the Na’Laga’at Deaf-Blind Acting Ensemble and the BlackOut Restaurant. The actors are all deaf, blind, or both, and offer audiences a one-of-a-kind experience. The BlackOut is a pitch black restaurant staffed with blind waiters.

5. Party Until the Sun Comes Up

Tel Aviv is regularly named one of the world’s best nightclub cities. The hottest clubs are always changing, but they’re usually located either in one of the ports or near the beach.