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by Dan Weisman

FlipKey is excited to introduce Matt Landau, a vacation rental marketing specialist, who will be contributing articles designed to help owners improve their bookings and year-round occupancy rates. If you are looking for new ideas to increase your rental income, Matt’s insight is extremely valuable and game-proven.

Matt, a New Jersey native, plies his trade in Panama where his fleet of vacation rentals — Los Cuatro Tulipanes — in the capital’s historic district has been crowned a 2012 Traveler’s Choice Award on TripAdvisor as well as featured in The New York Times, GQ, and CNN among a host of other major publications. After achieving such high occupancy rates, Matt started the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog to help other owners just like him make more money.

Matt’s research seemed particularly relevant to us at FlipKey because we know promoting vacation rentals can be difficult and we like to give our clients as many resources as possible.

A self-proclaimed “everyday owner,” Matt gets scientific about marketing his rentals, which is why we think he resonates with our reader base. He spent more than 6 years experimenting with techniques (both free and paid) to determine, statistically, which ones worked in generating bookings and which were a waste of time. He compiled his findings in a report called 30 Bookings in 30 Days, which has sold over 500 copies.

In addition to FlipKey listings, there is a wide array of resources to increase bookings out there and Matt’s report reads like a who’s who of occupancy-boosting techniques, some of which we’d never even heard of ourselves! And because the research in his report and on his blog is described in layman’s terms, there’s always opportunities for any owner – from beginner to expert – to learn something new.

We think that Matt’s information is tremendously valuable and are happy to welcome him aboard.