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Today we are featuring Katie Boyer, who studied public relations, journalism, and Spanish at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA and now works with Go Overseas in the Bay Area. Follow Katie on Twitter and 

As our world becomes more connected, more travelers are interested in long-term, meaningful travel opportunities. Teaching abroad is one of the best ways to live like a local in a new town. Whether you’re volunteering, earning a stipend, or teaching as a career, there are plenty of options for those looking to teach internationally. You can teach through a recruiting company, through a school, tutor privately, homeschool, or teach in after-school groups.

English is a popular subject to teach abroad for many reasons. First of all, many foreign governments, especially in Asia, push their citizens to learn English for economic reasons. Secondly, many programs allow anyone who is native speaker to teach English. Teaching English is definitely the most common way to teach abroad but it isn’t the only subject you can teach.

While English is the easiest subject for native-speakers to master, teaching a subject you have an expertise in will increase your impact on the students. For example, if a chemistry teacher from California wants to teach chemistry in Europe, their experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for chemistry will transfer to their lessons.

What skills do you have that you could teach others in another country?

  • Teach math and science
  • Teach world history
  • Teach and coach sports
  • Teach art
  • Teach primary school

There are plenty of organizations that offer programs around the world that need teachers in a variety of subjects. Some popular organizations include:

1. United Planet

United Planet has teaching programs around the world. You can join a “teaching quest” as a volunteer and teach in primary school or even to older kids. Subjects that need volunteer teachers include Mathematics, Biology, Economics, French, Physics, Geography, History, English, Book keeping and Accounting, Science, French, IT and Social Studies. Popular “teaching quests” take place in Nepal and Tanzania.

2. Global Volunteers

Global Volunteers is a great organization for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. Their programs allow you to go beyond teaching basic English and math and also focus on vocational subjects like catering, nutrition and household management.

3. ISV

International Student Volunteers (ISV) lets volunteers choose between teaching English, Math, Geography, Sciences or Health Education to local youth in the Dominican Republic, Australia, and New Zealand.

4. Global Routes

Global Routes offers a variety of teaching options in Kenya and Ecuador among other locations. Volunteer teachers with global routes can teach English, math, science, social studies, or environmental education.

5. Trek to Teach

This adventurous volunteer program allows you to teach whatever subject has the most need at the time. From teaching math and science to geography, Trek to Teach offers all types of programs. Their program in Nepal is great for travelers with all different skills and backgrounds.

Teaching is a great way to immerse yourself in the local community while traveling. Whatever skills you have, there is sure to be a teaching program right for you! So get out there and share your expertise with students around the world.

We have been conducting in-depth research of travel data collected on FlipKey, and it’s time to start unveiling the results. In an effort to extend the summer, we bring you travel trends from the Aloha State: Hawaii vacation rentals offer great value for groups of all sizes, but we discovered that Hawaii truly sparkles as a top spot for romantic rendezvous. 45% of all travelers planning Hawaii vacations travel in groups of two, and the short romantic getaway is a surprisingly popular option for islands that are a few thousand miles from… everything.

Hawaii Travel Trends Sept 12
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Remember climbing into the back of your parents’ old station wagon for family vacation? Remember all of the preparation surrounding claiming ‘spots’ and jockeying with your siblings to ensure you got the best seat? Remember the amazing destinations and the can’t miss roadside attractions along the way? Those were the days of no air conditioning, when seat belts were usually an after-thought to comfort. It was was the era of the great American road trip.

Today, you ask most kids where they go on vacation, and odds are it won’t include driving across the country with their entire family in a station wagon. These days, low-cost carriers and an over-abundance of flight options have made airlines the Greyhound of the sky. Now, vacations usually entail stressed-out parents trying to send last minute emails before they are out of the office for 3 days (even though they’ll still check their email throughout the vacation) and kids who would rather be home playing video games. Where has the spirit of vacation gone?

To try and recapture the glory that vacation used to be, FlipKey has pulled together the top vacation spots of the last century that are still hot family destinations today. Take deep breath, and take yourself back to the real era of vacations with these nostalgic gems:

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