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Remember climbing into the back of your parents’ old station wagon for family vacation? Remember all of the preparation surrounding claiming ‘spots’ and jockeying with your siblings to ensure you got the best seat? Remember the amazing destinations and the can’t miss roadside attractions along the way? Those were the days of no air conditioning, when seat belts were usually an after-thought to comfort. It was was the era of the great American road trip.

Today, you ask most kids where they go on vacation, and odds are it won’t include driving across the country with their entire family in a station wagon. These days, low-cost carriers and an over-abundance of flight options have made airlines the Greyhound of the sky. Now, vacations usually entail stressed-out parents trying to send last minute emails before they are out of the office for 3 days (even though they’ll still check their email throughout the vacation) and kids who would rather be home playing video games. Where has the spirit of vacation gone?

To try and recapture the glory that vacation used to be, FlipKey has pulled together the top vacation spots of the last century that are still hot family destinations today. Take deep breath, and take yourself back to the real era of vacations with these nostalgic gems:

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