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The Where and When of Hawaii Vacations

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Since introducing our research on Hawaii Travel Trends, we’ve gotten a ton of great feedback about planning a vacation to the islands. We also found some other useful infographics that can help you determine where and when to go when you want to visit the Pacific Paradise. These travel tips come straight from our friends at Go Visit Hawaii and Hawaiian Beach Rentals – both experts in getting into the Aloha spirit.

Go Visit Hawaii – Pick the Perfect Island

Each Hawaiian island has its own personality and features that make it unique. With six great Hawaiian islands to visit, how do you choose the island(s) that best suits your interests? The following infographic from Go Visit Hawaii helps you sort through the options to identify the perfect island(s) for your Hawaii vacation.


Hawaiian Beach Rentals – When is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii?

Hawaiian Beach Rentals recently published some great tips about the best times to visit Hawaii in order to get the most out of your Island vacation. For sunny weather, May and June are the best months to visit, along with August and September. April, May and October provide the best vacation deals as this is when prices tend to be lowest on rentals and flights. Want to avoid the crowds? Then the period from April to June is recommended along with September and October. There are also peak times for whale watching and cultural events. So when is the best time to visit Hawaii? Check it out and decide for yourself!