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When we think of the Fall season, we think football, Thanksgiving, and, you guessed it, Halloween. For many, Halloween isn’t just spooky, it’s an exciting and fun holiday! Putting the finishing touches on a costume is always the best part of the celebrating the day known as “All Hallows Eve.” And for the kids, the biggest reward is coming home with a full bag of candy.

So, are you a little Halloween-obsessed? Love the idea of getting into costume or taking the family to collect candy around the block? For those of you who pick this holiday over a more cozy Thanksgiving, we here at FlipKey suggest you take your plans up a notch — why not stay at an actual haunted house or city? From Savannah, Georgia to Oaxaca, Mexico, we have plenty of rentals to choose from. Just take a look at our ten best Halloween Hot Spots:

1. OK Street Jailhouse
This former jail was built back in 1904 and stayed active until 1915. According the listing, management will not enter the premises until you leave – assuring complete privacy. As the only inmate allowed, don’t get too scared of the large John Wayne statue looming somewhere in the background…

2. Haunted Savannah Cottage
Savannah, Georgia is considered by many to be one of the most haunted cities in America. Filled with stories of pirates and violent battles, this city is full of spirits and Laura’s cottage is no exception – it’s even part of the district’s walking ghost tour! Luckily for guests, the cottage’s ghost is considered “friendly.”

3. The Witch’s Condo
If you’re looking for a Halloween vacation, Salem is one of your best bets for a scary getaway. Besides the well-known witch trials, Salem is filled with haunted houses and spooky museums. This condo is right in the middle of it all and incredibly convenient for taking short walks around the city at night.

4. The Haywood House
This second Savannah rental was home to an ice merchant known as Alfred Haywood, who later became Mayor of Savannah. Now a beautifully restored apartment, this rental sits on top of the Colonial Park Cemetery. If you like being scared, perhaps a ghost tour and then a walk through the cemetery would add a little excitement during the Halloween season.

5. Transylvanian Villa
This luxury Romanian villa comes with everything from a fireplace to a terrace to a barbecue grill. But, only a few miles away lies the home of Count Dracula himself. If you dare, take a visit, walk home through the dark forest, and sleep with one eye open…