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Obama Winter Vacation 2012

Recently, we heard that President Barack Obama had planned his official winter vacation for the year. With a $4 million price tag on the President’s last trip, we predict an equally lavish and relaxing vacation this time around. The destination? Hawaii, of course! The tropical hotspot and childhood home of the President has been a favorite location since he was first inaugurated. His trips are often followed closely — who could forget the photos of him surfing? Or the photos of him visiting U.S. troops? We anticipate that this year, the First Family’s vacation will be just as rewarding. But, where will the President and family be staying this time around? Hawaii has been a favorite vacation spot for the past three years and we can’t help but speculate what the First Family’s new vacation home will look like. To help us get a better feel for where the President may stay, here are some top Hawaii homes and vacation spots from politicians and celebs alike:

1. Paradise Point Estates at Kailua Bay, Hawaii
This breathtaking home was where Obama and family stayed for their first official winter vacation back in 2008. They liked the estate so much that they picked the luxurious property for another two years in a row. The best part about it? This rental is available through FlipKey!

2. Oprah’s Hawaii Home
Oprah has long been a fan of Hawaii and in 2006, she decided to build a beautiful and comforting property – a 21st century-style cottage home to be exact. Perhaps Oprah will let  the First Family stay in her farmhouse? We expect she will pay them a visit at the very least.

3. Luxury Home on Kailua Bay, Hawaii (2011)
Another luxurious estate known for its exclusive location and superb amenities. The First Family changed their typical accommodations and went for this 6,000 square foot home, located right down the street from their previous favorite spot, Paradise Point Estates. Since their last vacation, the home has gone up for sale at a cool price of $7.9 million.

4. Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa, Maui, Hawaii
The Grand Wailea, a Waldorf-Astoria hotel, was a favorite of former President George W. Bush Jr. With Obama’s previous estate now up for sale, perhaps the President will take a look at this exclusive, high-end resort.

Grand Wailea Resort and Spa

As the President of the United States, Obama will have several luxury estates, villas, and resorts to choose from. Do you think he would pick any of the above for his next vacation? Or will he go back to his favorite home at Paradise Point Estates? If you’re looking for more facts on how the President travels you can take a look at our previous infographic, How to Travel Like a President.