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Christmas Travel Trends: Surf Beats Snow in 2012

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Have you spent the past six twelve months dreaming of a white Christmas? If you’re like 72% of travelers who planned their December vacations on FlipKey, then chances are that you’re imagining white-sand beaches and colorful bathing suits, not frosted pine trees and ugly sweaters. While chilly northern cities like New York, Paris, and Breckenridge stand out as top destinations this season, most travelers are heading to the tropics for the holidays.

Here at FlipKey, we share our users’ differing opinions on hot versus cold holidays. but we all agree that holiday travel season is the most wonderful time of the year. We took a look at traveler habits to see if we could find holiday travel savings or interesting trends to take advantage of, and we discovered that most travelers made their Christmas plans long ago. For those of you who still need last-minute accommodations for the holidays, it may not be too late; stay away from the top destinations because they book up early!

  • Most travelers begin booking in April and May, with some parties booking as early as January this year!
  • After the United States, the most active countries for holiday travelers are Australia, Canada, and Great Britain
  • Most vacations begin on December 22nd, and a majority last seven days
  • The average accommodation cost per guest is just $53 per night

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