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This weekend’s debut of The Hobbit has been talked about so much that we have round doors and furry feet on the mind. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be on a quest to see the latest installment in the next day or two. But what if a trip to the movie theater isn’t enough? We don’t have a secret way to get to Middle Earth, but quite a few vacation home owners have fashioned their properties after the cottages of the Shire. We put together a list of our ten favorite Hobbit Homes, so that you can vacation like Bilbo Baggins…

Enchanted Hobbit House

Dubbed the “Hobbit House,” this home is furnished with antiques, custom designed iron beds, comfortable sofas and chairs, and lounges on the patio. The home has a guest suite to fit your entire fellowship.

Hobbit’s House Bellac

Built on the site of a 10th century chateau belonging to the Counts of March, this hobbit hole commands a spectacular view over the Vincou Valley. The house is 15th century, with original oak spiral staircase and its original treads (rather worn and wonky).

Hobbit House on the Hill

Built of ferro-cement, this newly constructed house is perfectly sited on the top of a hill from where one can see every island in the Grenadines. Wake up to the sunrise over the Atlantic, and end your day with the sun-setting over the town of Hillsborough and the Caribbean.

Santa Fe Hobbit House

Santa Fe Hobbit House is a luxury vacation rental, but it is more than that… It is a live-in art gallery with a very private feeling that is centrally located only minutes from the Historic Santa Fe Plaza, Canyon Road and the Rail Yard District.

Magical Hobbit House

Orcas Island is one of the most beautiful islands to visit in Washington State. The natural beauty here is colored by the Madrona trees, the sparkle of the water and the abundant wildlife. The spot is absolutely spectacular and a pure joy to witness.