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10 Travel Predictions for 2013

Welcome to 2013! We’re looking forward to a year of great vacations filled with new experiences, relaxing amenities, and memories that will last a lifetime. To get ready for the new year here at FlipKey, we’ve gathered insight from 2012, and we’re making a resolution to provide helpful tips to travelers looking to book a trip in 2013. Here’s a look at some trends that we expect to continue over the next twelve months.

1. Vacation Rentals Will Continue to Provide High Quality Accommodations
We broke down the reviews on FlipKey and learned that a majority of properties earn four and five star reviews. In fact, 80% of properties earn an average rating of four stars and higher. In 2013 we plan to continue helping travelers find the best rentals in the world.

FlipKey Reviews

Average Property Ratings

2. Vacation Rentals Will Offer all the Comforts of Home… And Then Some
The top amenities offered by vacation rentals are the conveniences that make a vacation as comfortable and easy as life at home. In 2013, we expect to see WiFi continue to climb the ladder as a must-have amenity.

Top 10 Amenities

3. More International Travelers Will Choose FlipKey Rentals
Travelers from 225 countries searched FlipKey for rentals in 2012, with many visitors reaching FlipKey from London, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne.

Top Cities Who Visit FlipKey

4. Urban Destinations Will Increase in Popularity
While traditional vacation destinations like Florida remained at the top of the charts in 2012, we are seeing a trend toward more travelers requesting stays in big cities. Last year, urban centers accounted for seven of the top 10 most requested destinations.

Top 10 Most Requested Destinations

5. Large Groups Will Continue Traveling to Traditional Vacation Hotspots
While cities are on the rise, these destinations are largely requested by parties of two. For large groups of ten or more, nothing beats a vacation house in a more remote locale.

Group Size

6. Couples Will Increasingly Book Vacation Rentals
In the past, reservations have concentrated around family-sized groups of 3 to 6 travelers. In 2012 we saw a high percentage of reservation requests for parties of two – a trend we expect to continue as more travelers choose vacation rentals instead of hotels.

Reservations by Party Size

7. Vacation Rentals Will Continue to Provide Great Value
You can’t beat vacation rentals for value. On average, the nightly cost per guest is just $50.18, and the total cost of an entire stay averages about $1,438.71 for just over a week of accommodation.

Vacation Rental Value

8. Travelers Will Continue to Seek Value
Vacation rental travelers look for great value. A majority of reservation requests are made for properties costing $100-$250 per night, but most travelers are actually looking to pay under $50 per person.

Interest by Nightly Cost

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9. Travelers Will Book Vacation Rentals for One Week or More
Travelers tend to book vacation rentals for vacations longer than 2 nights. The most common length of stay requested is seven nights.

Reservation Requests by Length

10. Christmas Vacation and the Weeks before and after July 4th Will Be the Most Popular Travel Weeks

Top Travel Weeks