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Although the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s came and went with 2012, January 2013 was still a busy time for travelers. From Valentine’s Day getaways to Spring Break trips, everyone is looking forward to warm and tropical escapes, and perhaps a little romance. Bookings are on the rise and travel seems to be on everyone’s mind – especially for those of us trekking through the bitter cold every day (except for last Wednesday, when it was 70 degrees in Boston!). The New Year is already inspiring travel plans, and we can’t help but ask: Where are you all going and what will you be doing? What trends will 2013 bring?

To help answer that question, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite news highlights. Trips to Antarctica, wellness spas, sparkly new travel gadgets and much more seem to await us this summer. Here are our top picks in this year’s first edition of our travel news roundup:

Travel Trends

For Travel Savings in 2013, Go Retro
We loved this article by Frugal Traveler blogger, Seth Kugel. He gives some great tips on how to save even more this upcoming year by using a few old-school tricks.  As ultimate bargain-hunters ourselves, we think we’ll see these trends rise in popularity among the travelers here at FlipKey.

Global Travel Indicators for 2013
William Chalmers really gets the data down in this post about the next year in travel, and we like his comical, positive attitude. According to him, travelers are happier, safer, and savvier than ever. A great sign for all of us.

Travel Gadgets

5 Best Travel Gadgets from CES 2013
Phones, cameras, and watches for the avid traveler – all James Bond style.

Travel Apps that Really Help
Sorting through apps and trying to find what works while on a trip is more of a curse than a blessing. We suggest you take CNN’s word for it and give these apps a go.

Travel Stories

Lost Cat

Cat Lost on Vacation, Travels 190 Miles Home
A heart-warming cat story. Who doesn’t want to read this?

The Orbital Balloon: NASA Tests Blow-Up Space-Craft
Is space travel really within our grasp? Check out NASA’s new space hotel.

British Explorer Embarks on Antarctica Adventure
Known as one of the world’s greatest explorers, Sir Ranulph Fiennes embarked on an expedition dubbed “The Coldest Journey” on Monday January 7th, 2013. Fiennes will cross Antarctica during the winter, battling freezing weather, total darkness, and almost no chance of a rescue operation if things go wrong. According the article, the expedition is similar to a flight into space. The team hopes to better understand the effects of climate change by taking this dangerous voyage. We wish Fiennes and his team the best of luck and are in awe of his adventurous tenacity at the age of 68.

Travel Destinations

After 50 Years, Cuba Drops Unpopular Travel Restriction
“Exit permits” will no longer be needed for travel outside of Cuba. However, travel continues to be treated as a privilege and not a right.

The Most Underrated State for Adventure Travel
2,616 miles of trails, 3,100 miles of rivers, and a 7,900 ft. deep canyon – can you take a guess as to where this could be?