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How to Market Your Vacation Rental as a Luxury Home

As a vacation rental owner you may not be capitalizing on the potential value you could be offering your guests. While not all rentals can be classified as being a “luxury” destination, there are a few simple adjustments you can make that will elevate your home in the eyes of travelers and may even justify charging a little extra per night.

If you are just starting out, decorating your vacation home is just one task, albeit a very important one, on a laundry list of things to get done before your first renter arrives. Instead of breaking the bank by furnishing your home completely with top of the line brands, consider investing in just a few quality pieces. This will help to set the tone and atmosphere of your rental, and allows for you to mix in other, less expensive pieces of furniture. While creating a unique environment for your guests, you’ll also be saving money without compromising style.

Additionally, instead of filling each room with your favorite trinkets, try a simpler approach by placing a few, choice art pieces on your walls or a couple of decorative touches (think vases, candles, or plants) for your coffee and end tables, mantels, or bureaus. The key is to be selective in what you decide to furnish your home with and to avoid clutter with too many knick-knacks.

Even if you are not at the beginning of the journey of listing your property, there are a few things you can do to upgrade your home and create a more lavish atmosphere for your guests. One way to achieve this is by investing in the latest technology from well-known and respected brands. Right off the bat this sends the message that your guests will be vacationing in a home that is stocked with all of the modern conveniences that will help to keep them entertained throughout their stay. This includes: televisions that offer cable or satellite channels, a DVD player with an assortment of movies to choose from, a video game system with games if your home tends to host families, surround sound stereo system, and, of course, a computer equipped with internet access.

Another way to make your guests’ stay feel a little more luxurious is by outfitting each bedroom with quality bed linens that boast a high thread count. Offering plush bath towels along with luxury linens will make your guests feel as though they are sleeping in a home fit for a king!

One of the many benefits that travelers consider when renting a vacation home is being able to save a little extra dough by cooking their own meals on occasion. Creating a gourmet kitchen equipped with top-of-the-line tools and appliances will delight guests that have a passion for cooking. Nothing would excite a home cook more than entering your kitchen and feasting their eyes upon sparkly stainless steel appliances, impeccable granite countertops, and cooking gadgets that will help make their culinary creations a reality. Incorporating a counter island into your kitchen layout will also help to facilitate your guests’ appointed chef de cuisine in completing their culinary masterpieces with ease. With all of the downtime that comes along with vacationing, what better way to spend it than by giving your guests the opportunity to experiment with recipes they’ve had to put on the back burner?

Now, if you’re really looking to get fancy there are a few things you can do to set you apart from the competition. Hiring on-site staff or offering special services are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Wow travelers with their own personal concierge or private chef to whip up gourmet meals for those looking for a break from kitchen duty. By offering these special services you, your housekeeper, or a hired concierge could delight future visitors in allowing them the luxury to relax and let the professionals handle the small, but still important, details like making dinner reservations or planning touring excursions. Other ways to impress guests include providing them with resources (brochures of the area, menus from local restaurants, etc) to help acclimate them to the area, or if you are a gadget guy or gal you could invest in remote-operated fixtures to give your guests the ultimate in relaxation—allowing them to access what they need without having to leave the comfort of your couch! And, if you feel as though your home is due for a decorative touch-up, you can always splurge on a personal decorator to give your home a makeover.

Once you have your vacation home in tip-top shape, the final, important step in its transformation into Luxuryland is telling travelers about it. We cannot stress enough how important it is to include every single update and amenity in your property’s description. So don’t be shy, and be sure to brag to travelers about how your home is just the luxury getaway they’ve been searching for!