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10 Gatsby Inspired Homes

A contender for the Great American Novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald has motivated educators, designers, and, yes, filmmakers, to capture the thrilling era known as the Roaring Twenties. In fact, the upcoming release of Gatsby has already boosted Gatsby-inspired fashions – with offerings this season from Brooks Brothers and Tiffany & Co, among others – and parties by college students and big brands. If you’re in the mood for roaring-20s-style extravagance and art deco decor, then why not try a Gatsby-esque vacation? From luxury condos to grandiose estates, these beautifully decorated rentals are perfect for socializing, entertaining, and perhaps, a little romance.

The Gatsby Katoomba, 288170

The Gatsby Katoomba – Katoomba, Australia
This Australian cottage is meticulously furnished with authentic art deco furniture – a home truly giving tribute to the legendary Jay Gatsby.

Unique Deco Garden Apt, 398234

Unique Deco Garden – Melbourne, Australia
Located in one of the oldest and most popular areas of Melbourne, this rental is elegant, worldly, and stylish with a contemporary art deco design.

Les Cedres, 127745

Les Cedres – Nice, France
A luxury apartment with deco style and panoramic views of Nice? We could see Gatsby and Daisy paying a visit here.

NY Art Deco, 306323

Waterfront Art Deco – New York City, New York
A stunning waterfront apartment in Brooklyn with original fireplace, hardwood floors, and art deco furnishings. Known for up-and-coming boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, a visit to Brooklyn will be sure to give a wonderful shopping and dining experience.

Nice Art Deco, 419895

Garden Promenade by the Beach – Nice, France
With original 1940s art deco furniture, this apartment is wonderfully decorated and perfect for a luxurious weekend getaway. The rental even includes a private garden that sits directly on the Promenade des Anglais.

Sri Lanka 120274The Dutch House – Bandarawela, Sri Lanka
The guest reviews couldn’t put it more perfectly: “If you love art deco, you must stay here.” The Dutch House is a luxury, boutique villa that would accommodate any Gatsby fan’s standards and more.

Shanghai Art Deco, 275488Colonial, Historic Apartment – Shanghai, China
While Gatsby may not have paid a visit to Shanghai during his time, we think he would have approved of the lovely mixture of Chinese and art deco design in this historical apartment.

Budapest Art Deco, 122956Apartment Andrei – Budapest, Hungary
A charming apartment in the center of Budapest, this rental is casually elegant and tastefully designed in art deco style.

Vienna City, 220744Breathtaking City Apartment – Vienna, Austria
If you’re looking to host your next dinner party in Gatsby style, this incredible 13th century apartment should be your venue of choice. The location, décor, and amenities are perfectly suited for large parties and will be sure to impress any who attend.

Southhampton Estate, 361051Majestic Estate – Southampton, New York
This extravagant estate is perfect for socializing and entertaining guests. Throw your next Gatsby themed party and truly epitomize the roaring 20s at this incredible rental.