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Here’s your guide to response rates:

How it’s calculated

  • It’s based on the number of inquiries and booking requests responded to out of the last 20 inquiries, and will not appear on your listing page until you’ve received at least 4 inquiries
  • You must respond within 48 hours in order to receive credit for it

How to get credit

Check out our Help Center for more information on your specific plan.

How to stay on top of inquiries

We cannot stress enough how important it is to respond quickly to all inquiries, and in order to create a better experience for travelers we’ve started to deactivate listings with poor response rates. This creates more refined search results and more visibility for your listing.

Happy Bookings!


There is a lot involved when it comes to owning your own vacation rental and what makes all of the effort worth it are real, simple, and secure bookings. Now that we’ve come into a new year, make it a goal for yourself to book more inquiries and help more happy travelers in 2014. Need help getting a game plan together? We’ll get you started! Here is a list of our best suggestions for turning more inquiries into more bookings this year.

Accept Online Payments

Allowing online payments is a great way to avoid fraud and to also boost your overall bookings. Travelers are much more apt to book a rental with a credit card over the web rather than send a check in the mail. If you want to increase your bookings, the way that you accept online payments is also important. Using FlipKey Payments is, of course, our best suggestion because travelers may feel more comfortable using our Payment Protection Guarantee, which covers bookings up to $10,000 should it necessitate refund. If a traveler sees that you do not accept FlipKey secure payments, they may become suspicious and decide not to book your rental.

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wwypWhen you operate in the vacation rental space either as an employee or an owner, you hear a lot of false claims. Many of these quotes below would come from someone who simply has never tried a vacation rental (and if you haven’t, see the GIF to the left.) Vacation rentals are cost effective, private, safe, and clean. Most importantly, they are EVERYWHERE so no matter where you’re planning to go, you have the option of staying in one. Here are phrases that upset me the most from travelers unsure about staying in a vacation rental…