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Some view vacation as a time to let loose and let themselves go. They throw their inhibitions out the window and revel in all those poor eating habits they deny themselves every other week of the year. No judgement here, they’re on vacation after all! Saying that though, you may have dieted before a beach trip, and you’ve been working hard all year to live a healthier lifestyle and lose/maintain weight. You want to enjoy your time away, but don’t want to completely ruin all the personal progress you’ve made so far. We surveyed a panel of experts on how to avoid gaining pounds on vacation to provide some helpful hints for those who want to watch their waist abroad.

1) What is your best advice for those who want to stay healthy while traveling?

Find a grocery store and stock up on healthy food. This might mean bananas and Larabars for snacks, yogurt for a mini fridge for breakfast or dinner from the salad bar. Food in the grocery store is generally more fresh than getting take out and less calories than eating in a restaurant. Less expensive too! — Kath RD, Kath Eats

My best advice before I say anything is to make sure you are NOT stressing about eating/exercising while traveling, remember life is all about balance and moderation! — Katie Gagliano, Healthy Diva Eats

Pack healthy snacks. Here are a few great ideas: fresh fruit like bananas, apples, and oranges (they’re super fruitBrittany Mullins, Eating Bird Food

Don’t forget to hydrate! Drinking enough water will give you more energy and help keep sickness at bay. For road trips, pack a flat of water bottles or a few reusable water bottles. Nalgene makes durable + fun water bottles for children in an assortment of colors. — Stephanie Sheaffer, Metropolitan Mama

There are a few easy ways to stay healthy while traveling. My first tip is to pack mini-meals for days you’ll be on the go all day. I always like to pack food and take it with me to the airport – that way I’m not searching for something healthy amongst the random fast food options, and I’m never hungry and stranded on an airplane either (oh and for the budget conscious, this is a much cheaper option). It takes a bit of prep work before you leave, but it’s so worth it! — Anjali Shah, The Picky Eater

Schedule two hours a day to take care of yourself. That can mean an hour run and having an extra half hour each to find a healthy lunch and dinner rather than impulsively eat the junk staring you in the face when you get hungry. — Bryon Powell, iRunFar