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Calling all road-trippers, foodies, and adventurers of the great American territory – we’ve got your next favorite itinerary right here! Most people need little else besides great food to get them up out of their seats and ready to travel, so if you’re looking for that boost of motivation, look no further. We’ve searched through every state in the union to find the 50 most loved, most talked about, and most delicious restaurants worth traveling for. The competition was fierce, but the traveler love for these spots just could not be denied. From upscale, white tablecloth dining to the humble barbecue joint, this list has a little something for taste buds of all kinds. Each establishment has its own special charm, that perfect balance of cuisine, atmosphere, and service that makes them stand out among the rest. So gas up the sedan and make your reservations – the ultimate gastronomy tour is on!

Alabama (Birmingham): Highlands Bar and Grill