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Spring vacations offer a great opportunity to shake off the rust from a long winter and enjoy some new sights, sounds, and experiences. The arrival of warmer weather is the perfect time to get outside and commune with nature, explore the city, and engage with the world’s great historic and cultural treasures. Here’s our list of the top spring destinations to visit in 2014:

Washington, D.C.

The capital comes to life in spring when the trees along the National Mall bloom and warm temperatures bring renewed energy to the city’s legendary sites. Explore the Smithsonian Institute, tour government buildings, and stop by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for an unforgettable spring travel experience.

Paso Robles, CA

Head to Paso Robles wine country for some gorgeous views in the spring. Blooming vineyards are perfect terrain for a relaxing vacation. You might even consider planning your trip around the annual Earth Day Food and Wine Weekend in April.