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How to Improve Your Property Ranking on FlipKey

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Our goal is to connect travelers with our top owners in the most efficient way possible. That way, our travelers are guaranteed an amazing stay at one of our top properties, and they will be taken care of by one of our most accomplished owners. As with Google, the higher you are listed in our geographic rankings, the more clicks and bookings you will receive. We get a lot of questions from owners about specific things they can do to improve their search ranking and frequency of leads turning into conversions on FlipKey, so here are our top tips:

  • Responding to inquiries ASAP.
      • The quicker you respond to requests, the better your response time and, correspondingly, your response rate percentage, which helps boost your priority in the listing search. Plus, travelers see your response rate and time right on your listing; the higher your numbers, the more likely they are to send you a booking request!
      • If you don’t already, we highly suggest using our mobile application for iPhone and Android users, which allows you to respond to inquiries and monitor, accept, and decline booking requests from wherever you are the moment you get them! If you don’t have a smartphone, that’s okay! If your phone receives text messages, you can sign up for mobile alerts so that you know about traveler interest the moment it happens.

  • More reviews.
    • Real, authentic reviews are a great way to showcase your property and establish trust with potential travelers. Write professional responses to your reviews to show potential travelers that you are an owner who cares and works hard to provide a top-notch guest experience. Data shows that more, high quality reviews lead to more bookings.
  • High quality photos.
    • Make sure you have at least six great photos for your listing. Consider hiring a professional photographer if you do not have the skills yourself. The money you pay to a professional will be repaid within a few bookings and traveler interest in your listing will skyrocket. It is a worthy investment and high quality photographs make a massive difference.
  • Online booking requests.
    • Transitioning your listing to an online bookable property is extremely easy and makes sense for both the owner and the traveler. This type of one-click booking style leads to less confusion with dates and payment options. It also helps travelers feel more comfortable because online bookability is so common throughout Internet purchases. Taking advantage of this option can bump up your rankings in our listings too.
  • Updated and accurate calendar.
    • Potential travelers will be disappointed with an out-of-date calendar. Letting them down at the point of sale, or after (which is even worse) is not a positive start to a business relationship. Be sure your calendar is synced with any other rental listing sites, or your Google or Apple calendar. That way, it’s updated on a daily basis so you don’t end up in an embarrassing situation.
  • Updated and accurate rates.
    • A pain point for many travelers is seeing a final rental price that doesn’t match what is listed on the website due to owner error. Always keep your rates and extra fees updated. It is best to plan out the entire year with your rates so you don’t have to go back and update constantly.

Rankings change frequently, and we are constantly tweaking the formula and rankings factors. With that said, you can’t go wrong with handling the above items on a daily basis. Best of luck, and happy renting!