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Explore Your New Listing Details on FlipKey

FlipKey recently surpassed 300,000 properties, with listings in 79 countries worldwide. In order to keep up with this kind of growth, we are constantly working to improve our site and draw more traveler attention to great properties like yours! For our latest update, we cleaned up your listing details page, making it easier for you to make changes and more efficient for travelers searching for rentals with specific criteria.

Here are the changes to look out for—and where to find them—so that you can easily update your property page and paint a more accurate picture for travelers. To start editing, sign in to your dashboard and navigate to the following sections from the top navigation:

What’s new?Where you can find it
Choose from more “languages spoken” that you show to travelers.Account > Contact settings > Edit Inquiry Preferences
List for travelers what’s nearby, how they can get to your rental, and whether a car is necessary.Listings  > Edit listing > Details > What Else is Nearby
Include number of dining seats or lounge chairs available for seating.Listings  > Edit listing > Details > Seating Details
Choose from new options for suitability, including: children over 5 and elevator.Listings  > Edit listing > Details > Suitability
Pick from streamlined amenities that eliminate traveler confusion.Listings  > Edit listing > Details > Amenities
Choose a more descriptive location type.Listings  > Edit listing > Details > Location Types
Description now includes “retired” amenitiesListings  > Edit listing > Details > Tell us about your rental

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.21.06 AMSomething looks different…

We’ve made changes to some of your other amenities, too, to aid travelers in their property searches and booking decisions so that you’ll spend less time responding to questions and more time accepting reservation requests!

While reviewing these changes, you’ll notice that some of your previous selections might be gone, but don’t worry—we’ve moved them to the end of your property description for you to save or edit.

Have a pool?

We’ve also added new categories that are super specific. For example, if your property includes a pool, you just got more choices! Your pool type has been automatically migrated to one of our new options, but please check to make sure it’s correct—head to your listing, double check your pool description, and sign in to your account and edit it if necessary.

Bathrooms are getting more specific, too!

If you had a bathroom labeled as “other”, it is now automatically categorized as a half bath. If you aren’t familiar with the term, a half bath is simply a toilet and a sink. For those of you who need to clarify the details of your atypical, “other” bathroom type (outhouses, anyone?), you still have the option to include these details in your property description, helping set travelers’ expectations.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.21.18 AMSimilarly, the option to list a bed type as “other” has gone away, so be sure to change your bed type to one of the remaining options: king, queen, standard, twin, or bunk. These standard choices offer travelers a better sense of your property’s sleep capacity, rather than shape or style. If you want to indicate that your listing includes an unusual bed, such as a hammock or a futon, you can still include this in your property description.

What’s the deal with all these changes?

At this point, you may be wondering why we got rid of your option to choose “other.” This is not a searchable parameter in the amenities section of your property and, for travelers, seeing “other” can be misleading or confusing. By having all of your amenities grouped into descriptive categories, your property becomes easier to find in search, and travelers have a better idea of whether or not the property will meet their needs.

With all of these changes, now is a perfect opportunity for you to review your listing details to make sure they reflect the most up-to-date information about your rental. Take some time to read through your property page and check to make sure that your amenities are accurate—travelers will appreciate knowing just what to expect!