Milk was a Good Choice: Best Dairy in the World


You always knew Mom was right when she told you to drink your milk. In honor of June being National Dairy Month and Mom’s wisdom, here are the top dairy products on our food bucket list and the places where you can find them.

Ice Cream

Toscanini’s: Cambridge, MA

Toscanini’s or “Tosci” as the locals call it boasts a dedicated following and a range of unique flavors (burnt caramel is a favorite). Since 1981, Toscanini’s has delivered quality ice cream sourced from local dairy products in the New England region. Expect long lines that are worth the wait. In case you need any more reason to stop by, here’s a sampling of Toscanini accolades: the store won the “Best of Boston” award in 2012 and the New York Times dubbed Toscanini’s the best ice cream in the world. You know something’s good when both Boston and New York agree. Don’t miss it if you’re in New England this summer!


Liberty Hill Farm: Rochester, Vermont

Due to its cross-seasonal appeal, Vermont is a hot spot for travel. In addition to its beautiful mountains, idyllic pastures, and lively cities like Burlington, Vermont is also home to some of the best dairy around, especially milk. If you’re visiting, make sure to check out the Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester VT. The family owned farm also operates as a hotel where guests can stay for a weekend to truly experience the farm life. In addition to producing delicious milk, the family is also committed to sustainable farming and land use practices.


Parmesan Cheese: Parma, Italy

Affectionately known as the “little Paris of Italy” the northern city of Parma is a foodie haven for excellent prosciutto, olive oil, and of course, Parmesan cheese. We highly recommend taking a free tour of a Parmesan cheese factory, where you’ll be walked through the process of cheese making by a tour guide. You may even meet the “Master Cheesemaker” if you’re lucky.

Frozen Yogurt

Pinkberry: Nationwide

Sweet or tart? That is the eternal frozen yogurt question. At Pinkberry, you don’t have to decide. Pinkberry’s original frozen yogurt is the perfect blend of both sweet and tangy. Top off your treat with as many toppings as your heart desires, and enjoy.


Lolita’s Gelato: Oia, Santorini

While we would never say no to gelato in Italy, our favorite gelato can be found in Oia, Santorini at Lolita’s. Tucked behind the main square in Oia, Lolita’s offers a small but unique range of gelato flavors. Try the Greek Viagra (a vanilla based gelato with honey and nuts). Still not sold? Check out the reviews of Lolita’s on TripAdvisor. It’s worth the trip!

Greek Yogurt

Sophia’s Greek Pantry: Belmont, MA

So you can’t get to Greece this summer…but who says it can’t feel like you’re there? With the recent Greek yogurt craze, it can be difficult to choose from the range of options in the grocery aisle. Stand out from a sea of Chobanis and try a local favorite from Sophia’s Greek Pantry in Belmont, MA. While Sophia’s shop in the suburbs of Boston has a range of authentic Greek products, the homemade Greek yogurt is a cult favorite. Our taste testers especially recommend the Honey Vanilla.