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Vacation Rental 101 Video Series: For Owners

Matt from the FlipKey marketing team along with the Vice President of Marketing, Eric Horndahl, have put together a handy guide for second home owners interested in renting out their vacation home, or VR beginners looking for some advice to create better guest experiences and earn more money. These short videos should help answer any questions you have, but if you need more info, please leave a question in the comments and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Who can rent out their vacation home?

What are some of the benefits of listing your vacation home on FlipKey.com?

What are some of the rumored risks of renting out my second home? Is there any truth to them?

What are the top tips for a better experience for rental guests?

What are some tips to earn more money from my vacation rental?

How much money can I earn renting out my second home?