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Most Popular Vacation Rental Amenities Requested by Travelers


In peak rental season, you may be finding yourself wondering how to fill those gaps on your calendar, looking for creative ways to entice travelers into choosing your home.  You may ask yourself, what is it that travelers are looking for and how can I provide this to them? Not to worry, we’ve researched some of the most popular amenities among today’s travelers to help you out.

Free Wifi

A seemingly obvious amenity, Wifi enhances your guest’s experience by making them feel even more at home. Travelers can easily search area attractions, make reservations, buy tickets, and more. However, travelers cannot assume it is provided, just as owners cannot assume guests know it is available.  If you already have Wifi in your home, be sure to advertise this on your listing! Provide log in details to your guest if necessary so they easily connect. For as low as $30/month, internet access is a must.


There is nothing appealing about coming home from a vacation with suitcases full of dirty laundry. Having a laundry option available in your vacation rental is essential, as we have found this to be a deciding factor for many guests with longer stays. It allows travelers to pack lighter, alleviate post-vacation stress, and make them feel more at home. While washer/dryer combos aren’t cheap, starting at $700, it is well worth the investment.

Private Pool

Pools provide a luxurious sanctuary in a vacation rental unlike anything else. If you’re fortunate enough to have a private pool, be sure to feature this on your listing. List it as an amenity, feature poolside photos, anything you can to attract guests to your fantastic feature. Pools are perfect for both entertaining and relaxing. Not everyone can dig a pool in their backyard, and we’ve found in ground pools can get quite expensive, but above ground pools starting at $350 are a perfect alternative.

Outdoor living area/patio

In conjunction with pools, outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular among travelers. With summer upon us, nothing beats enjoying the warm weather and grilling with family and friends. Of course, a grill is not required for patio areas, but it certainly adds to your guests’ experience. Porches and patios are most appealing, but any backyard can be transformed into a patio-like area. Seasonal outdoor table and seating sets can be purchased from any discount department store, providing guests with everything they need to enjoy an evening outdoors. Alternatively, a fire pit with a few lounge chairs yields the perfect place to hang out on any spring, summer or fall night.

While these amenities are the most popular among travelers, be certain to highlight anything unique about your home and you will surely provide guests with a fantastic rental experience.