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Why High-Quality Photos Matter for your VR Listing

Casa Panorama - $357/night (Salvador, Brazil)

You know the old adage, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” Here are a few reasons why that statement rings especially true for the vacation rental business, and some tips to make sure you’re maximizing your listing’s booking potential through your photos.

  1. Photos sell your  listing

A great description of your property can provide a sense of your home and its unique features, but the first thing that will catch a traveler’s eye are your photos.  Your photos provide the most vivid understanding of your property, the layout, and the general area where your property is located. If your photos are eye-catching, well-placed, and high-resolution, chances are your guests are already “picturing” themselves there.

  1. Photos build trust

This may be a traveler’s first time booking a vacation rental rather than a hotel for their vacation. While vacation rentals have huge perks in contrast to hotels (extra space, cost effectiveness, and a true local experience, to name a few) many travelers may be wary prior to booking if your photos don’t provide an accurate sense of your listing and its location. Build trust (and bookings!) by providing a thorough view of your property. Include exterior shots of the property and location, in addition to interior shots.

  1. Photos provide a sense of your service

You already know you go the extra mile for your guests-why not have your photos speak to that service? In addition to general photos of both the interior and exterior of your home, don’t forget to include the details that make your house special and worth the trip. Chances are you already include some standout touch for your guests. Do you leave a complimentary bottle of wine for your guests upon arrival, additional toiletries and towels, or a brochure with “must see” attractions in the area? Travelers love seeing these details, as they speak to your care and concern for their stay. Give guests a glimpse of what they can expect during their vacation with photos that show you go above and beyond. It’s the special touches and extra effort that make your property and you stand out.


Now you know photos are important for guests and their willingness to book. Here’s a few tips on how and when to update your photos.

  1. Update Seasonal Photos

The seasons change, and so should your photos! As beautiful as your cottage may look after the first snowfall, chances are guests don’t want to be reminded of the winter if they’re looking to book your property for a spring or summer get away. Keep your photos up to date and relevant.

  1. Think about Placement

Think of your photos as a virtual “walk through” for your potential guest. The placement and positioning of your photos matter just as much as the content and quality of the photos. Position your photos in a logical manner that gives guests an understanding of the layout of your house.

  1. Quality Matters

High resolution, high quality photos are incredibly important. Make sure your photos aren’t blurry, cut-off, or overly large or small. Light is an important component for producing quality photos. Make sure that you’re utilizing either natural or artificial light when taking photos.

  1. Quantity Matters

On average, listings with 20+ photos receive more inquiries and bookings than listings with fewer photos. Uploading a few extra photos may be the difference between a vacant week and a booked listing for the season.