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The Bird is the Word: Best Travel Twitter Accounts to Follow


What better resource than Twitter to help you and your family or friends plan an unforgettable vacation or trip? With trillions of travel photos, videos and tweets on Twitter, it might seem like a daunting task to narrow all of that information down. Up to that task, I have provided some of the best accounts that you might not be aware of from people, news organizations and locations that you MUST follow!


Anthony Bourdain – @Bourdain

The KING of travel. After spanning the globe many times, Anthony Bourdain has seen it all and traveled everywhere.

Rick Steves – @RickSteves

Not only is he an author, TV host and blog writer, Rick Steves is the “unofficial” expert on European trips.

Heather Poole – @Heather_Poole

Check out this flight attendant and author’s twitter for tales from the sky. No shortage of crew drama, flying frustrations and crazy passengers here!

Chris & Tawny – @CaptainandClark

A couple who met on Mount Killmanjaro and topped that by getting engaged at the Taj Mahal, they show that love makes traveling a bit more special.

Jeannie Mark – @nomadicchick

When you travel, the most important thing to do is to share photos, tips and videos, which Jeannie shines at!

Brett Snyder – @crankyflier

With more and more airplane drama showing up in the news, follow this Twitter account for great flying tips, tricks and flying deals.

Chris Owen – @OrlandoChris

Chris provides great insight to any cruise related vacation or journey you are planning.

Rick and Sandi – @MidlifeRoadTrip

What better way to have a mid-life crisis than by traveling? Also, join them every Tuesday for their Twitter chat about travel, food and adventures!

Lee Abbamonte – @LeeAbbamonte

Dubbed as “youngest American to visit every country”, Lee’s experiences and travels never seem to end.

Johnny Jet – @JohnnyJet

With the last name of Jet, it is no surprise that this guy visits about 20 countries (on average) each year. Also, he shares some great travel deals!

Photos, News & Deals

Earth Pics – @Earth_Pics

Visiting a popular tourist destination? Going off the beaten bath? Check out, or tweet your own, photos from around the world.

JD Andrews – @earthXplorer

Award winning photographer and videographer JD shares some amazing photos and videos he has taken during his travels.

The Localist – @LocalistTravel

Get up to date news and culture information from locals. There is no better information that when it comes from the people who know the area best.

Independent Traveler – @TravelEditor

Tweeting out informative tips, tricks and photos, Independent Traveler is a must follow on Twitter!

Budget Travel – @BudgetTravel

Believing that amazing vacations are accessible to all, Budget Travel provides great tips, photos and deals to help you plan an amazing journey.

A Luxury Travel Blog – @luxury__travel

Want to live in the lap of luxury? Get some amazing location, food and places to stay tips here.

WorldHum – @worldhum

Hosting a great collection of tweets ranging from beautiful travelers in China to a “not usually seen” side to the Mexico’s nightlife, this Twitter account really pulls back the curtains on travel.

Lastminute.com – @lastminute_com

Suddenly have a nice long weekend on your hands? Get some very last minute deals from this account.

Travelbite Team – @Travelbite

Need a great travel idea and are serious about travel? This Twitter account is perfect for you.

NY Times Travel – @nytimestravel

Leading the way with travel news and features from all over.


Rio 2016 – @Rio2016_en

Even though the 2016 Summer Games are over a year away, you can get all the updates for the games right here!

WhyGo – @WhyGo

With great travel guides for a number of cities, you can’t go wrong with any tweets from this account.

Goteborg/Gothenburg – @goteborgcom

This amazing Swedish city on the west coast is where I spent my year abroad while in Sweden. With a great culture, plenty of places to see and things to eat, Gothenburg is a city that no one should pass up.

Lake Placid – @LakePlacidADK

Located in the Adirondack Park in upstate New York, Lake Placid boasts not only a fascinating history, but tons of fun activities and places to visit.

Foliage Central – @foliagecentral

The essential fall foliage one-stop account for coverage of fall in New England.

The Good Pub Guide – @GoodPubGuide

If you live in the UK or are planning a trip there, follow this account for daily recommendations of the best pubs and beers in the UK.

Best Bars – @BestBarsESQ

Similar to our UK travelers, but for American travelers! Check out their recommendations.

Abandoned – @abandonedpics

May it be on a local, national or international scale, everyone is interested in abandoned places. Use the photos as inspiration for your next trip!

50 Shades of Travel – @50travel

Documenting photos, recipes, stories and experiences from traveling across Asia.