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Top 25 Couples Travel Blogs to Follow in 2014

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Traveling domestically or abroad with your significant other can be a wonderful experience, bringing you closer together with your partner while expanding your cultural appreciation. Whether you spend a week on a beach together, or two weeks traveling from city to city in Europe, vacation time with your spouse can be relaxing, fulfilling, and a whole lot of fun.

Honestly though: it can also be a royal pain too. “Where do you want to eat?” “Where’s the hotel?” “Where do we exchange money?” “Did you pay that cab driver too much?” “Seriously, WHERE is our hotel?” “If I have to tell you one more time to put on sunscreen I am going to lose it.”

While some couples have a sick goal of bickering on every continent, others want their trip to run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 25 couples travel blogs to follow this year – that way you can emulate their successes, learn from their mistakes, and keep your next trip in the “fond memory” category and not remember it as the start of your breakup.

1000 Fights

1000Fights.com offers an irreverent take on travel, relationships and what happens when you combine the two. The Fighting couple bring their edgy perspectives on some of the most gorgeous places on earth. – Mike & Luci, 1000 Fights @1000fights

A Cruising Couple

Dan and Casey are the two lovebirds behind A Cruising Couple – adventure travel with a dash of class. Not only do they have a great personality that shines through their blog, they also have some impressive adventure stories and first-rate travel photography. – Dan & Casey, A Cruising Couple @ACruisingCouple

Captain & Clark

Chris and Tawny met while climbing Kilimanjaro, dated in Thailand and South Korea, and eventually got engaged at the Taj Mahal. These two share an addiction to adventure and a lust for exploration. Follow along on their journey through videos and posts on their blog, Captain and Clark. – Chris & Tawny, Captain and Clark @CaptainandClark

Contented Traveller

Paula and Gordon travel their own way in search of authentic local experiences. They believe in serendipity as many of their unique adventures have come from random events and situations. – Paula & Gordon, Contented Traveller @GordyandPaula

Don’t Ever Look Back

Don’t Ever Look Back is a travel blog written by Amy and Kieron. We’re a couple in our twenties that were born, raised and currently reside in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. After our first international trip together in 2007, the travel bug bit us hard and it’s always been a case of “where to next?” – a question we often get asked by friends and relatives. Our dreams and our priorities right now revolve around travel and our aim is to significantly expand on the 13 countries we’ve visited over the past 5 years. – Amy & Kieron, Don’t Ever Look Back @AmzKiz

Enjoy the Journey

After meeting at Leeds University in England, Gaz and I, decided it was time to see the world. So we sold everything we owned and packed what was left into a 65l rucksack. Working and saving hard for a year prior to our leaving date on 01/11/11 meant we’ve been able to explore some fascinating places and learn more about the world, and ourselves, than we could have ever imagined. Since then we’ve visited the USA, the Caribbean, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Vietnam, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. We’ve both become Advanced Divers and fallen in love with life by the sea; surfing, kite-surfing, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing and of course, scuba diving. We’re currently soaking up the sun and perfecting our surfing skills in Bali. We always travel slowly, often spending time living and working in each country, so we usually have at least a tip or two to offer! – Beth & Gaz, Enjoy the Journey @etjourney

Four Jandals

Four Jandals offers top Travel Tips, Adventure Guides and Travel Photos to help you step outside your comfort zone, in comfort! Our posts aim to not only inspire you to travel, but be helpful and a little humorous at the same time.It doesn’t matter if you are a travelling couple, independent traveller or a family, whether planning a weekend getaway, annual holiday or your very own year long career break. Learn from our years of combined travel to get the best out of yours. – Moss & Rebecca, Four Jandals @FourJandals

Goats on the Road

“Our website is designed to inspire others to live a financially sustainable, location independent lifestyle. We’re masters at making money abroad and have turned our travels into a way of life! We’ve been on the road since 2008 exploring some of the least visited regions on Earth, and have lots of stories and great advice to share. Follow us to learn how you too can make money on the road and travel forever. Nick & Dariece, Goats on the Road @GoatsontheRoad 

GQ Trippin

G & Q are a Bay Area couple who simply love food and travel. Check out their site for RTW planning tips and good eats across the globe. – Gerard & Kieu, GQ Trippin @GQTrippin

Green Global Travel

Mary and I founded Green Global Travel because we’re passionate about ecotourism, and believe in its potential to help save the world’s indigenous nature, wildlife and cultures. People should visit our site for our amazing adventures around the world, from getting face-to-face with polar bears in Canada to taking the polar plunge in Antarctica, from hugging a moose in Sweden to sleeping in a Bedouin camp in Jordan. Our goal is to show that sustainable travel can also be a lot of fun. – Bret & Mary, Green Global Travel @GreenGlobalTravl

Hecktic Travels

We aren’t much for giving travel tips, but if you want to be swept away to a foreign land with choice photography and video, stories of meeting new people, feasting on new foods and experiences, then that is what we are here for. – Dalene & Pete, Hecktic Travels @HeckticTravels

Latitude 34

Having already traveled to over 34 countries in 2014, Jeff and Marina of Latitude 34 use their blog to inspire those who love to travel or those who simply dream of it. While they focus on off the beaten path travel, it doesn’t mean they do it on the cheap as they focus on luxury adventure around the world. So whether ice swimming in Finnish Lapland or roaming through the Great Pyramids, Jeff and Marina will show you all you need to know to enjoy an amazing holiday while in the comfort of some of the most beautiful accommodations in the world – Travel Like You Mean It! – Jeff & Marina, Latitude 34 @Lat34Travel

Living the Dream

Living the Dream is a long-term travel planning resource run by husband and wife team Jeremy and Angie. The site covers stories, tips, and planning advice from 66 countries (and growing) to get you out exploring the world for months or years on end! – Jeremy & Angie, Living the Dream @LivingDreamRTW

Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot

Following their wedding a few years ago, Julia and Yuriy took off on a 6 month trip around the world. Ever since, they are constantly looking for an opportunity to hit the road and escape home. They are photographers for a living, so you can expect a lot of beautiful imagery on the blog. – Julia & Yuriy, Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot @juliamanchik, @yuriymanchik

Positive World Travel

Positive World Travel was created by us-couple Anthony Milotic and Elise Reeks. We are two Australians who worked hard at saving for 3 years and while these years of saving were to be for a house, in the end, we decided rather than a mortgage we  wanted use that money to travel the world! So thats what we did! We quit our jobs, packed and sold many of our belongings and started our indefinite travels around the world. Anthony is a Chef by trade and I am a Primary School Teacher and we both strongly believe that traveling allows us to not only explore these passions further but to discover new ones too. We have both always loved to travel and have been overseas many times before we met one another, so when we travel together it is always a great adventure! We love to learn about the world, how others live their lives, find people and places difference to our own, enjoy these experiences, then take it all and live the most positive life we can! – Anthony & Elise, Positive World Travel @positivetravel

The GypsyNester

GypsyNester.com offers travel insights on both “Bucket List” and off the beaten path destinations from an active baby boomer / empty nest perspective. Join us in our adventures and we’ll do the crazy stuff like eat bugs and jump out of airplanes, so you don’t have to. – Veronica & David, The GypsyNester @GypsyNester

The Travel Manuel

Follow us as we travel around the globe in search of real coffee, coastline ( preferably with waves) and stories to tell. We also share helpful tips for expats, seasoned/newbie travellers and couples on the road. – Vaughan & Lauren, The Travel Manuel @thetravelmanuel

Trans-Americas Journey

This married team of road trippers has spent nearly 8 years and more than 150,000 miles on the road in the Americas with no end in sight. They combine their talents as a professional travel journalist (Karen Catchpole) and professional photographer (Eric Mohl) to bring readers of the Trans-Americas Journey travel blog comprehensive information about independent travel in North, Central and South America told with veracity, humor and an eye for the unexpected. – Eric & Karen, Trans-Americas Journey @transamericas

Travel With A Couple

There can’t be two opinions on love for travel. Everyone agrees to agree and waits for an opportunity. And there are a few good things about blogging as well. For instance, no disappointments when an editor of a magazine rejects a piece. Or there is no restriction to write a story in 600 words. And certainly one can be enough of a narcissist with as many photographs of oneself. So here we are. Bitten by the travel bug many years back, but have been traveling only since 2004, after coming to Mumbai.  With treks, road trips, back-pack trips and adventure camps we have utilised almost all our weekends. We have been doing ‘photo-blogging’ – blogs with only photographs from each of our trips. The links can be found elsewhere in this blog. – Unny & Bindhu, Travel With A Couple

Traveling 9 to 5

Traveling 9 to 5 is for travelers who are tired of the 9 – 5 lifestyle and want to get out from behind their desk and see the world first hand. We offer stories from our own experiences, budgeting tips and inspiration to overcome the fear and excuses holding you back, and begin traveling! As a couple you see the best and the worst in each other, and we try to write honestly about how to travel together and stay together 🙂 – Caroline & Josh, Traveling 9 to 5 @traveling9to5

Turtles Travel

With a decade of nomadic experiences together around the globe, we encourage people to break out of their shell and explore our amazing world. Making travel a priority is the first step, and TurtlesTravel is filled with advice on where and how to go from there! – Heather & Donny, Turtles Travel @turtlestravel

Uncornered Market

If you’re interested in adventure, food and the transformational power of travel, then Uncornered Market is the place to find it all, including how to do all this as a married couple. – Daniel & Audrey, Uncornered Market @umarket

Vagabond Quest

Hi! We are Dina and Ryan. We are backpackers. We have been on the road since April 2009, and we have hit more than 20 countries. We are fascinated by the differences between places that we’ve been. The traditions, the norms, and the behavior. We love to see the new things that are not usually found from where we are, like the remnants of ancient civilizations for example.Us, the two backpacks, and the clothes that we are wearing, that’s all what we have, and we certainly enjoy this simplicity. Some people ask, when will be the end of our journey? When are we going to settle? Our answer is, we don’t know yet. The world is a big place to explore, who knows what happen in the future. We will continue to explore while it’s possible. – Dina & Ryan, Vagabond Quest @vagabondquest

Wandering On

Travelling is something that we are both very passionate about and we have built our lives around it, travelling full time since 2009. We love having adventures, getting off the beaten track and spending time in places rather than doing whistle stop tours. Travelling as a couple, we get to share all these amazing experiences with each other such as trekking for 23 days in Nepal, diving World War 2 wrecks in the Philippines, visiting remote tribes in West Timor, teaching English in South Korea, spending 6 months backpacking through India and climbing volcanos in Sumatra. On our website, Wandering On, we offer travel tips and guides and do our best to share our travel experiences through stories, photos and videos. We hope to inspire others to get out there and see some of what this amazing world has to offer. – Brian & Noelle, Wandering On @wanderingon_bn

World Walk About

We embarked on our second big adventure soon after our wedding–we quit our jobs as a marketing copywriter and a high school science teacher, put our wedding gifts in storage, left our home in Seattle and moved to South Korea to teach English. We spent a year learning Korean, trying new foods, using a lot of make-shift sign language and exploring as much of Korea as we could squeeze in! After our contracts in Korea ended, we took off on a nearly three-month adventure through Southeast Asia–eating street food, wandering through temples, and sunning ourselves on impossibly beautiful beaches. Now we’re back in the USA and seeking out travel and adventure in our own country. We’re not sure where our wanderlust will take us next, but we can’t wait to find out. We hope you enjoy walking about the world with us! – Matt & Andrea, World Walk About @andreasherrodd


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