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Top 20 Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2015


Whether you’re a school-aged child, a teenager, a young adult, or an adult that remembers walking to school uphill both ways in the snow – life can be a real trip. Every life stage has its own set of advantages and sure, some disadvantages as well, but these distinct phases can be a joy to experience. Getting older can be downright fantastic if you have your health and set yourself up properly. The kids leave the house, the social security kicks in, senior discounts, AARP cards, reconnecting with your spouse – its the beginning of another chapter in your book, nowhere near the end of the story.

As the Baby Boomers now age into this exciting phase of life, technologic advances allow them to travel and live a higher quality of life, while documenting their adventures along the way. For those of you of a certain age who want advice on travel, life, food, fitness, love, and more – or those who just want to see how the older half lives – check out this list of our favorite baby boomer bloggers to follow in 2015:

A Traveler’s Library

Travelers who like to read can take advantage of the large library of reviews at A Traveler’s Library. There you will find books of all kinds that inspire and inform your travel. – Vera, A Traveler’s Library @pen4hire

Adventures of Empty Nesters

I created this website to help bring together a community of Empty Nesters, Almost Empty Nesters and anything in between. As we grow older we experience different stages in our lives… being an Empty Nester is a really big one! The kids have moved out of the house and we are ready for the next step. Aren’t we? Maybe not, maybe so, but this website is a great way to share ideas and enjoy the triumphs and stories with each other! I wanted to bring together a community of Empty Nesters and capture these “adventures” we are all experiencing! It is now Life 2.0 and we are learning and growing, laughing and changing! Please join me and share what is happening with you and your Empty Nest. As it turns out… Empty Nesters are very creative and interesting people. We write about subjects that affect all types of age groups. Share the website with your kids as well, I bet they will learn something too! – Suzanne, Adventures of Empty Nesters @suzannestavert


Suzanne Fluhr is a recovering Philadelphia lawyer who writes about Baby Boomer travel for the body and mind on her blog, Boomeresque. While providing enough facts to be helpful for those contemplating particular trips, Suzanne tries to keep her blog posts at least a little irreverent. She welcomes lively reader engagement. – Suzanne, Boomeresque @Boomeresque

Chris Cruises

After sailing with our kids and writing about it for a decade, one day we turned around and they were gone, off on a life of their own. Naturally, we moved forward, writing about our travels from more of a boomer perspective, with the ‘kids’ dropping in from time to time. – Chris, Chris Cruises @OrlandoChris

Chuck and Lori

Empty nesters Chuck and Lori Ros of ChuckAndLori.com ditched their desk jobs to pursue a life of location independence and to rediscover each other after 28 years of child-rearing and separate careers. They blog on destinations (Europe and North America for now), food and wine, cruising, ballroom dancing, and strategies for perpetual travel, work, and play. – Chuck and Lori @TravelWorkPlay

Glamour Granny Travels

Baby Boomers love to travel in style and comfort. You´ll find the best destinations and ways to do so in glamourgrannytravels. – Lily, Glamour Granny Travels @lilygogo

Home Free Adventures

In 2011, we sold our charming house in Central California’s wine country, gave away the furniture, and stuffed our art, clothes and small treasures into a 10 x 15 storage unit. We said goodbye to our surprised children and quizzical friends and now we live in rented apartments and houses internationally, putting down new roots one country at a time. We have no property taxes, roof repairs or home insurance, so all of our spendable income is used to fund our new way of life. We do have small suitcases, an appetite for new experiences, good computers, and the savvy and flexibility to make ourselves at home in almost any situation. Thanks so much for looking in on our website.  Please let us hear from you.  We love to hear other peoples’ stories!!! – Lynne & Tim, Home Free Adventures @Lynne1Martin

Just a Backpack and a Rollie

My blog takes a lighthearted approach to retirement as I share our adventures and mis-adventures of shoestring travel, living the good life on a limited budget and finding the magic in everyday moments. I am proud to say that it has become a go-to resource for boomers and retirees seeking information and inspiration on living their own travel dreams. Nancy, Just a Backpack and a Rollie @BackpacksNRollie

Life Part 2

Jonathan Look believes that retirement should be about new discoveries and living your dreams. Through his blog LifePart2.com he seeks to demonstrate how people can live, what should be the best part of their lives, as an adventure. – Jonathan, Life Part 2 @LifePartII

More Time to Travel

More Time to Travel is a site that provides advice, information and inspiration for travelers who have reached their midlife milestone birthday and, like me, have probably sighed and said, at least once, “I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.” At our time of life, it’s common for careers, interests and caregiving responsibilities (both for children and aging parents) to change in intensity or even diminish. Suddenly, there’s more time to travel, along with a wanderlust for doing something new or different, stimulating the senses, and/or experiencing other cultures. While the content of this web site leans towards luxury experiences, boomers born of depression-era parents are always mindful of value. They try not to spend more than they have, or to spend more than they have to. But they’re interested in exploring new places, savoring new tastes, and nurturing their spirits. This site reflects our own experiences as members of this cohort. Typically, my husband is my favored travel companion; he’s also a top-rate photographer whose pictures make my words come alive. Of course, every traveler sees the world through his/her own lens. Since I’m trained as a psychologist I like to think that over the years I’ve honed my powers of observation, skills in relating to people, and ability to synthesize information. I am thoroughly enthralled by my “second act” as a freelance travel writer and guide, and hope you’ll enjoy taking this journey with me. – Irene, More Time to Travel @MoreTime2Travel

My Itchy Travel Feet

My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel encourages boomers to get up off the couch and go. Sharing their active travel adventures through articles and photographs, Donna and Alan Hull show boomers how they can do it too. – Donna & Alan, My Itchy Travel Feet @DonnaLHull

Never Stop Traveling

The articles in Never Stop Traveling are all first-hand experiences of its writers, which, combined with stunning photos, reveal the uniqueness of destinations, both major attractions as well as experiences further afield. As one reader wrote (in a blind survey of subscribers), the best thing about Never Stop Traveling is “reading about the personal experiences and opinions of the editor. He is informative, knowledgeable, adventurous, inquisitive and has a great sense of humor, all of which helps him – and the readers – both enjoy and survive his travel experiences.” – Jim Ferri, Never Stop Traveling @NeverStopTravel

Our Empty Nest

Tom and I are two baby boomers who decided to downsize and simplify so we would have more time, energy, and freedom to do the things we love . . . and it’s working for us! At Our Empty Nest we share our stories, family recipes, inspiration on home decor and gracious entertaining, travelogues about our trips near and far, as well as tips and tricks and helpful hints on how you, too, can simplify your life, and transform it into something joyous and more meaningful. – Patricia, Our Empty Nest @ouremptynest

Over 50 and Overseas

Over50andOverseas is a resource of international volunteering opportunities for boomers and beyond. Included are information describing international volunteer organizations and programs as well as interviews with leaders of volunteer organizations, authors and former volunteers and volunteering related articles. – John, Over 50 and Overseas

Tales from the Empty Nest

Last fall, after 20 years of diapers and daycare, car pools and packing lunches, and worrying about who was where and why, I found myself in that worrisome place that many parents dread: the empty nest. My evenings and weekends, once filled by driving all over the state and cheering on the sidelines at track and cross-country meets, soccer and volleyball games, were suddenly free. What’s a mom to do? – Mandy, Tales from the Empty Nest @EmptyNestTales

The Gypsy Nester

At GypsyNester.com we try to seek out off-the-beaten-path destinations, or quirky details about better-known places, and pass along their stories in an informative and entertaining way. Let’s just say that we’ll eat a bug or jump off of a cliff so you don’t have to. – David & Veronica, The Gypsy Nester @GypsyNester

The Roaming Boomers

For nearly five years, Carol and I have been traveling the world, and have left behind in our website a cookie trail of videos, photography, and travel tips all designed to help fellow boomers to get out there and explore the world. We invite you to visit our website, and as we say, “Life’s a trip. Let’s go have fun!” – David & Carol, The Roaming Boomers @RoamingBoomers

Travel Past 50

We’re Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning Bartel, in what the Spanish call la tercera edad, or third stage of our lives. Not that we feel old…on the contrary, we are thriving in this stage of adulthood. We’ve lived on the road full time since 2010, and established Travel Past 50 in early 2013. Travel Past 50 is the third stage of our work together, too. We traveled and lived in Spain before we had children, we worked together in publishing for thirty years, involved in reporting and editing, sales and marketing, design and production, and all the rest that goes into operating a business. (Those publications included City Pages, Minnesota Parent, The Rake magazine,Secrets of the City guide book, and others.) Now we exercise our writing and photography chops by sharing travel stories on TravelPast50.com. Travel Past 50 is an online travel magazine featuring destination information, travel tips and resources, and essays related to our travel and family experiences and interests. Those interests are eclectic: history and heritage, arts and culture, the business and logistics of travel, and international news and events. Neither of us expected to be traveling the world this long. But we are driven by curiosity, and the list of places we’d like to explore continues to grow. – Tom & Kris, Travel Past 50 @TravelPast50

What a Trip

As an active adventure traveler Nancy Brown offers insider tips on things to see and do in unique destinations from the Christmas Markets of Europe on a river boat to kayaking by glaciers in Alaska. As a professional travel writer she has combined her writing career with her passion for horseback riding on the Writing Horseback blog. Her tips will leave you saying, “What a trip!” – Nancy, What a Trip @NancyDBrown

Women on the Road

Women on the Road – online since 2007 – believes every woman should be able to discover the world on her own terms and make wonderful connections along the way. This is the space where we can have a conversation about how women travel differently than men. It is where we can assert our right to travel independently, strongly, proudly and safely, no matter our age, our condition or our fears. – Layla, Women on the Road @WomenontheRoad