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Wanderlust inspiration: 15 best travel Instagram accounts to follow in 2015

We’re back with a new list of the top Instragram accounts to follow – and although we nominated many qualified users last year – we may have outdone ourselves with this year’s batch of all stars. Traveling is about all five senses, but we think these 15 award-winners do a fantastic job of making you feel THERE, even if you’re just scrolling through your phone while laying in bed. Let these incredible Instagram accounts show you corners of the globe you may never see in person, or better yet, let them inspire you to book a FlipKey rental and plan your next trip right now, not later.

  1. @jetsetchristina

Jetset Christina is a San Francisco-based travel blogger with a knack for making us lust over her exotic, and often beachy, vacations. Follow her as she takes you on an adventure around the world, showcasing the coolest locales, restaurants, bars, and beaches around the world and capturing breathtaking moments that will inspire your next adventure

1 1011

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  1. @lepostcard

Le Postcard is dedicated to showing off the luxe travel habits of jetsetters around the globe, showcasing some of the most glamorous holiday locations in the world as well as the essential products you need to vacation in style.

2 201

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  1. @AlexStrohl

For the more adventurous Instagrammers, Alex creates a world straight out of The Wild with his incredible landscapes. Based out of beautiful Vancouver, Alex’s photos are crisp and awe-inspiring.

3 301

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  1. @PauseTheMoment

Ryan brings his goofball surfer dude vibe to his amazing instagram account, where he’ll never cease to make you jealous of his constant sunny vacation spots. From photos of the Greek Isles to the BVI’s to the Carribbean to Mexico, he will continuously inspire you to Pause the Moment and travel the world.

4 401

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  1. @travelsintranslation

Beth, the brains behind this Instagram account, transports her followers to places they would never think to go through beautiful photos and compelling stories of cultures around the world.

5 501

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  1. @theblondeabroad

We love Kiersten at The Blonde Abroad for the fun personality she brings to each of the places she visits. From goofy Go-Pro photos to stunning landscapes to fashion and style photos, her Instagram is a little bit of everything, all over the map.

6 601

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  1. @jaredchambers

We’d like to go ahead and crown Jared Chambers, based out of LA, the landscape king. His stunning photos will have you wowed on a daily basis.

7 701

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  1. @hellopoe

Adrienne, a travel and lifestyle photographer based out of London, has an array of aesthetically-pleasing images to spice up your instagram feed. Her perspectives are distinctive and crisp, giving life to unique destinations all over the UK & Europe.

8 801

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  1. @youngadventuress

Young Adventuress is an American ex-pat living in New Zealand. Her breathtaking photos of NZ and beyond will have you wishing you could just pack yourself in her suitcase. Following her on Instagram is the next best thing.

9 901

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  1. @thevagabondish

The Vagabondish has been a leader in the travel blogger community for years and his photos prove why. A great encyclopedia of cultural experiences and travel tips, this account never fails to disappoint.

10 101

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  1. @afarmedia

Afar Media is not a single person but a beautifully curated collection of travel photos from all over the world. Highly recommend following them for beautiful perspectives from locales all over the world, every day.

11 111

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  1. @LoveDeathTravel

His instagram name comes from a Jim Morrison quote that says, “All of our songs are about love, death, and travel”, but, just to be clear, he only photographs love and travel. You will love this up-and-coming instagrammer for everything from his song lyric-infused descriptions to his amazing photos all over the map.

12 121

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  1. @LandLopers

Matt is a travel blogger, writer and photographer specializing in luxury world travel. We love his adventurous photography as well as his beautifully-written long paragraph descriptions. Not many instagrammers can captivate an always-scrolling audience like he can.

131 13

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  1. @Tourist2Townie

Follow Gareth as he immerses himself in local culture and adventures all around the world. He has lived in South America His photos are awe-inspiring and often fun.

14 141

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  1. @LunaticatLarge

Kristin, a Nashville based travel writer, has incredible photos that often focus on the South. We love her for her Southern charm and her fun-loving photography.

15 152

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