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6 end of summer recipes you absolutely need to try this year

Something about the summertime – being outdoors, firing up the grill, heading to a cookout with a homemade dessert, trying your hand at some alcohol-infused popsicles – something about the summer brings out the adventurous chef in all of us. We’ve hooked up with a half dozen of our favorite food bloggers to give us their best summer recipe to try before the hot days turn into cold nights permanently. So bust out the charcoal, go grab a huge bag of sugar, and let’s get this party started while we still can. Click the title or the accompanying picture for the full story and recipe:

Food Nouveau: Israeli Couscous Salad with Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette


“Ever heard of Israeli couscous? This “couscous”—in fact a pasta made with wheat flour—is a wonderfully versatile foundation on which to build tasty warm or cold dishes. Also called Jerusalem or pearl couscous, the chewy pasta absorbs surrounding flavors without ever losing its shape and texture or clumping together, possibly making it the ultimate ingredient for prepare-ahead salads. In this recipe, the beads soak in the rich roasted tomato dressing and elegantly mingle with crunchy cucumbers, pungent black olives, earthy parsley, and peppery arugula. It’s a bright and gorgeous salad: one that screams for you to put together a picnic on a warm summer day. Bring along a bottle of rosé wine from Provence, and you’re in for a treat!”

Global Table Adventure: Malaysian Herbed Rice & Samoan Tropical Salad

malaysian-rice-salad-05     IMG_7377

“I’ve made more than 650 recipes from every country in the world, but in the summer I keep things simple with salad. When I have a big appetite I go for a bowl of Malaysian Herb Salad. Packed with rice and loads of bright green herbs, this room temperature salad makes a lovely picnic. When I’m in the mood for something lighter, I go for a Samoan Tropical Salad – made with baby spinach, sweet papaya and cantaloupe, buttery avocado, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Totally nutritious and addictive.”

Legal Nomads: Spicy Baked Feta


“Regardless of mysterious etymology, the recipe is simple and contains two of my favourite things: Feta, and chilli. There are different versions of this recipe around, but I chose the one I ate first, with green pepper (capsicum) and the spice coming from the chillies themselves.”

The Gastronome: Radicchio with Anchovy Dressing


“It’s a complex, extremely flavorful salad (bitter lettuce! salty anchovies! garlic!), that can really be an entire meal, especially with some thick bread to slide through the leftover dressing.”

The Mija Chronicles: Green bean and chayote salad with queso cotija


“Green Bean and Chayote Salad. It’s fresh and crunchy and excellent with juicy summertime tomatoes.”

The Road Forks: Healthy Tropical Granola


“I love waking up in the morning to guilt-free granola. This tropical granola is filled with sunshine, with minimal fat and bright chunks of coconut, pineapple, and mango.”