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12 Inspiring Adventure Travel Bloggers to Follow This Year


 Most of our lives we sit at work, surfing the net, or getting fatter on the couch. Vacation, on occasion, keeps us in that safe, lazy bubble, but just changes the scenery to a tropical beach. Why not push your limits on your next trip and considering something a bit more dangerous, so you’ll have a few more stories that start with “You’ll never believe what we did on vacation…” For those who seek thrills either up close, or through the safety of your computer screen, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite adventure travel bloggers to follow this year. Check out their websites, and follow them on social media for a look into the lives of people who decided that they want their adrenaline pumping more often than not.

Adventurous Kate

I started Adventurous Kate to show women that yes, it IS possible to travel the world on your own, it’s possible to do it safely, and you can have the time of your life doing so! I’ve now adventured across more than 50 countries and I’m still looking for more. – Kate, Adventurous Kate

Bearfoot Theory

Hi! I’m Kristen. I’m a Salt Lake City based blogger, photo enthusiast, and crazy music lover who thrives in the outdoors and wants to help inspire and inform your next adventure. Bearfoot Theory is the one stop resource for everyday explorers looking to travel to awesome and easily-accessible outdoor destinations in the Western US and to hone in on their outdoor skills. – Kristen, Bearfoot Theory

Borders of Adventure

Becki Enright is a British Press award winning travel blogger and writer with specific Southeast Asia, East Asia and Middle East expertise. Her writing focuses on adventures with a social conscience and journeys to change perceptions, with insight into social, historical, political and economic factors that shape a country. Becki regularly reports on misunderstood destinations, and if travelling to a well-established or popular destination, aims to find a different angle on it in order to entice readers to dig a little deeper. Her motto? Travel differently, adventurously, responsibly and with purpose. – Becki, Borders of Adventure

Melissa Arnot

Melissa has made her life about exploring the beautiful mountains of the world. She is passionate about climbing and pushing her own limits, but her ultimate joy comes from taking that journey with others, helping them push their limits and get to their own summit. – Melissa Arnot

Monkeys and Mountains

Laurel Robbins is a professional travel blogger, and the founder of Monkeys and Mountains, a leading adventure travel blog. She won the Travel Blogger of the Year award in 2013 issued by the Travel Writers Association and frequently receives recognition in the travel industry: Top 20 Adventure Travel Bloggers – 2015, Holiday Lettings from Trip Advisor,  Travel Bloggers to Watch in 2013 by HotelsCombined, Top Travel Blogs to Watch in 2015 by Oyster and 17 Inspiring Women Travelers on Twitter by Dwellable, to name just a few. – Laurel, Monkeys and Mountains 

Mr. and Mrs. Adventure

After working various jobs, including the monotonous “9 to 5” lifestyle, we realized it just wasn’t us, and we were in need of a BIG CHANGE. With just a few months of preparation, we left behind our Golden Coast lives to travel across the US (and beyond) in our Sprinter Van! Allowing us to truly embrace life, adventure and each other in every way and every direction possible. So join us on the adventure as we continue our limitless journey to parts near and far! Let us know how our travels help inspire you and always remember to challenge yourself with living a bigger, more adventurous life. – Drew & Brittany, Mr. and Mrs. Adventure 

My Wanderlist

My travels have taken me to 92 countries.  Specifically, my humanitarian projects in Africa and the Middle East and work in Asia have enabled countless trips to far-fetched places.  I seek out freshest off-the-map experiences and push my own personal boundaries by travelling experimentally.   My personal quest to find the most extreme and bizarre in travel has bred misadventures and moments of enlightenment alike.  My articles aim to illustrate how I overcome personal fears and vulnerabilities while seeking a deeper meaning in the unfamiliar. My goal is to entertain you in my attempt to pull of the most outrageous travel challenges I have ever discovered. In doing so, you will realize that travel is not as scary or elusive as you think. I don’t know how I can pull these off and survive, but that’s part of the fun. – Brad, My Wanderlist

Never Ending Voyage

Simon and Erin sold everything they owned and left the UK in 2010 to travel the world forever. At Never Ending Voyage they write about slow travel, hunting down the best vegetarian eats, and the ups and downs of life as digital nomads. – Erin & Simon, Never Ending Voyage

Off The Path

At Off The Path you will find the best travel tips, beautiful destination guides, cost breakdown reports for countries and beautiful free eGuides to make your next trip the most memorable you’ve had. Sebastian has lived in more than 8 countries in the last years and is an experienced traveler. He’ll make sure that your worries are resolved before you hop on the next plane for your adventure of a lifetime! – Sebastian, Off the Path

Round We Go

Round We Go is a travelogue documenting one couple’s journey around the globe. We share travel adventures and inspirations to encourage others to live they life they imagined. – Ryan & Laura, Round We Go

The Travel Camel

The world is not as dangerous as it appears from afar. Those destinations with some of the worst safety reputations usually provide the most memorable and enjoyable travel experiences. I distance myself from obviously perilous places infested by actively armed insurgents, but instead travel to the world’s less appreciated countries and explore what they have to offer. If you wish to discover a destination that is on the road less travelled, please explore this website and be inspired. – The Travel Camel

Weekend Sherpa

Weekend Sherpa was founded by Brad Day, a native Californian who grew up hiking, biking, skiing, and whitewater rafting throughout the Golden State. He and his team have a blast exploring California and sharing their experiences with you each week. – Weekend Sherpa