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9 Green Travel Bloggers Worth Following This Year


With the advent of technological advancements in plane, train, car, and boat travel – it truly is a small world. You can visit any remote part of the world you’d like (if you have the funding) or you could simply drive across your own state. While tourism is now heading towards untouched parts of the globe, it is time to double down on our knowledge of eco-friendly travel more than ever. We’ve compiled a list of green travel experts who are doing incredible work in the field. They are global ambassadors that want to keep our world intact and healthy. We highly recommend you follow this group on social media and their blogs, as you’ll learn plenty about eco-tourism and how to sustain our world even when you’re crawling over every corner of it.

Around the World in Eighty Years

“Jim O’Donnell was born and raised in southern Coloroad (USA) and is fortunate enough to call Taos, New Mexico his home base. He is an award-winning freelance writer and photographer and very proud father to two wonderfully wild and adventurous children. O’Donnell’s current writing and research focuses on environmental issues, science, history, and the impact of tourism on culture and conservation.”

Eco Traveler Guide

“Welcome to Eco Traveller, an ecotourism and green travel guide offering tips and inspiration to those looking for new ideas and new ways to travel.”

Every Steph

“Hello, I’m Steph and I’m a tireless traveler, coffee addict and good food lover (of course, I’m italian!). I strongly believe in responsible travel and ecotourism. Follow my (mis)adventures as I show you how YOU can travel responsibly…while having fun of course!” 

Green Global Travel

“Co-Founded by Bret Love & Mary Gabbett, Green Global Travel is an ecotourism, nature / wildlife conservation & cultural preservation magazine.”


“Greenloons is committed to providing trusted, transparent information about authentic, responsible, sustainable and certified ecotourism travel vacations available around the world.”


“A website that features hundreds of eco-friendly places to stay and fab holidays that can be conveniently reached by bike, public transport, train or ferry. We also try to link these up with a range of things to do in the local area, including:

  • Local Food & Drink
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Family Days Out
  • Festivals, Museums, Gardens, Art and Craft
  • Walks, Cycle Rides and Watersports
  • Wildlife Watching
  • and much more…

Our aim is to connect sustainable transport with these inspiring experiences offered by local tourism businesses to support local economies… Less Carbon, More Fun!”

Mindful Wanderlust

“Hey!! We’re Giselle and Cody. We are a creative, tattooed, goofy, vegan, and travel loving couple wanting to share our experiences around the world with people, while doing it in a compassionate and responsible way. We have been traveling the world for the past 2 years and  hope to inspire others to do the same and free themselves from the herd mentality and of people’s expectations. We look forward to meeting new people on our journey, learning about ourselves and others, while being mindful and considerate. Join us for glimpses of art, animal rights, culture, yummy vegan food, working with animals, and whatever else we find that piques our interest.”

My Slow Journey

“My Slow Journey started out as a personal blog for friends and family when I moved to the other side of the world. But slowly my following grew, and I realised that my journey may be of interest to more people than just those close to me. That’s when I decided to make my personal blog My Slow Journey, with a little less private content and lots more about the journeys I go on. These journeys are geographical, as I travel a lot both for work and holiday. They are also physical, as I try to be a fit and healthy person. And sometimes they are spiritual as I try to be mindful and love myself, people around me and the Earth.”

Tammy and Chris on the Move

“We are a couple hailing from Germany and England, meaning between us we are efficient and polite, but unable to talk about football. We are two development workers who have been working and traveling the world since 2011, and have lived and worked in Cambodia, Bolivia, Peru and now Ghana. Through this travel blog we want to share stories of our travel adventures and life as development workers.”