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25 top couples travel bloggers to follow this year

A couple snaps a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Traveling with a partner – be it a spouse, friend, pet, or parent can make the experience a much fuller and rewarding one. We’re here to salute the people who are criss-crossing the globe with a loved one and documenting it all. The highs, the lows, the fights, and most importantly, the moments they will never forget. We highly recommend that you follow this group on their blogs and social media pages for a glimpse into how couples (successfully) navigate a life spent on the road.

A Brit & a Southerner

“Welcome to A Brit and A Southerner! We are Chris and Heather Boothman and we are delighted that you have taken time to check out our website and join us on our travels as we embark on a journey to ‘Explore the world one weekend at a time’. Traveling has long been a passion for both of us and being able to share our experiences with all of you really enhances our overall experience. We hope that after reading some of our stories, checking out our pictures and following us on our social media accounts, you will be inspired to travel this amazing world that we all live in.”

An Adventurous World

(Previously blogged at “A Brit And A Broad” with his partner Wanderlust Chloe.)

“An Adventurous World is a travel video blog bringing people and places to you. We want you to be inspired to do something different on your travels; for that we’ve got to be inspirational. Not only are we going to tell you how do this, but we are going to show you how with some beautifully cut videos. Innovative and unique, An Adventurous World is unlike any other blog out there at the moment. It is essentially three travel blogs in one with a strong emphasis on video content. We are going to show you some truly remarkable sights around the world; all you have to do is follow our adventures.”

A Cruising Couple

“Hi! We’re Dan and Casey—lovebirds, world travelers, and adventurers extraordinaire. And this is our travel blog, A Cruising Couple. We believe adventure travel is for everyone – it’s all in how you look at life. We also believe you can live life to the fullest without having to sacrifice a bit of style and comfort in the process. That’s why we are bringing you the best of both worlds with our travel blog: Adventure travel with a dash of class. Whether you’re planning a two-week vacation or you’re on a permanent journey around the world, here at A Cruising Couple you’ll find the inspiration for your adventures and the resources you need to make them happen. To learn the whole story behind us lovebirds and our blog, be sure to read our full About Us page. We hope to have you along on our journey!” 


“Hi, we’re Dale & Franca, an Angloitalian couple who’ve travelled the world since 2012. Follow us as we travel the world and share everything we experience and learn about slow & budget travel along the way.”

Bridges & Balloons

“Hi. I’m Victoria, a semi-nomadic writer based in London with my filmmaker fiancé Steve. I love cake, he loves pickles and we both love to travel a lot. Sometimes we go for a weekend, other times for six months, and once for three years. We seek out all things special – the unique, the cosy and the creative – the kinds of places and experiences you want to tell people about. And that’s what this blog is for – a place to share our finds and our stories from along the way. It’s yours for inspiration. Things we love, and that you can expect to read about on here, include: special places to stay; whiskey cocktails; mountains; glamping; hipster coffee shops; vegetarian brunch; yoga; street food markets; cakes; festivals; beaches; independent bookshops and cosmic wonder. I also tend to share a lot of my personal journey – the ups and downs from along the way. I try to write things I’d like to read.”

Captain & Clark

“I love travel because I love the challenge of the unexpected and unknown. I’ve rarely chosen a destination because I thought it would be easy. I want to experience the world first hand through the eyes of a local, and not a as tourist. I love the fact that with every destination I travel to, I also learn a little more about myself. I met the boy while reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and we haven’t looked back since. Together we’ve decided to acquaint ourselves with the world, and ourselves. Follow us on our journey and we strive to enrich our lives, not our bank accounts (though that wouldn’t hurt either).”

Contented Traveler

“We are Gordon and Paula, and we have been travelling together for 12 years, and independently for a lot longer than that. We have both come from successful long-term careers. Gordon has been a mining engineer, and I was a teacher in a senior executive position for many years. We are Experiential Travelers. We love experiencing a country, city or place by connecting to its history, people and culture. We know that today’s traveller seeks experiences, because that it what we also do. As Award Winning Professional Travel Writers at Contented Traveller, we love to travel and to share our expertise with you.”

Different Doors

“We’re Revati and Charles Victor. Married couple, Indians from Mumbai, advertising professionals by day, Amateur chefs and Professional travel bloggers by night. Oh and we do manage to squeeze in a bit of travel and photography somewhere along the way. This is not a regular travel guide blog. Neither is it a travelogue. There are enough people around the world who travel and write about their experiences. We’re the ones who open different doors. What are different doors? Unique experiences we’ve dug out with a lot of effort. New ways of discovering even the most popular and mainstream of destinations. Does it mean we’re not going to point you to Koh Phi Phi or the Louvre? Of course we will. We’ll just point out some lesser known but extremely interesting things along the way. So don’t worry if it’s your first trip to any destination. It was ours too. We just opened a few different doors along the journey. After all, isn’t that why we travel? To open different doors?”

An older couple sits on a dock by the water.

Don’t Ever Look Back

“Don’t Ever Look Back is a travel blog written by Amy and Kieron. We’re a couple in our twenties that were born, raised and currently reside in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. After our first international trip together in 2007, the travel bug bit us hard and it’s always been a case of “where to next?” – a question we often get asked by friends and relatives. Our dreams and our priorities right now revolve around travel and our aim is to significantly expand on the 13 countries we’ve visited over the past 5 years.”


“We are two adventurous tramps, best friends – Agness and Cez, from Poland. We call ourselves tramps, because we live without permanent home and for under 25 bucks a day, since 2011. While travelling the world, we find the time to write about it, share the tricks to do it cheaply and even help other people do the same. Come along with us!”

Flying the Nest

“Flying the Nest is a travel blog run by Stephen & Jess, a young Australian couple with a passion for travelling, photography and film making. They began blogging in September 2014 as a way of documenting their adventures together. Stephen & Jess now travel the world full time, sharing with their loyal readers places around the globe to seek adventure and new experiences, whilst partnering with travel brands that also want to see young people fly the nest to explore and experience our world. Flying the Nest not only share their experiences and travel tips daily on the blog, but are also creating daily videos showcasing their day-to-day life as they travel the globe over on their YouTube channel.”

Hecktic Travels

“We are Dalene and Pete Heck, a Canadian couple who sold everything to travel the world. Quite regularly, one of us will look at the other and say: “I love my life.” But it wasn’t always that way. Up until the time we boarded a South America-bound plane in fall of 2009, we had lived a life of corporate ladder-climbing by day and retreating to the suburbs by night. We were not terribly unhappy with our lives, but knew that there had to be more out there. And then, during the first half of 2007, a barrage of personal tragedies pushed us to finally discover what that “more” was. We had learned, the very hard way, the impact of the age-old cliche: Life is too short. We made our move. In 2009 we blindly moved from our 2,100 square foot house full of unnecessary goods into combined luggage space of 200 litres. We then began a life of perpetual travel that has been endlessly fulfilling. We’ve taught underprivileged kids to swim in Bolivia, rode camels in the Sahara Desert, kayaked among icebergs in Greenland, and so much more. Quite simply put, we went from scraping the bottom of life’s deepest hole to blowing the roof off the top. And we have no plans to slow down. This life is too good.”

Latitude 34

“Hello! We are Jeff and Marina, best friends who have dedicated our lives to travel and adventure. We met while attending photography school where we both studied photo journalism and documentary filmmaking. Jeff loves to do crazy things like eat beating cobra hearts and jump off cliffs, while Marina is a little more cautious and put together. Needless to say, together we find ourselves in some pretty exciting situations. We have spent the first half of 2014 in Europe and the Middle East and will spend the second half exploring N. America and finish the year in the Pacific – feel free to join us!” 

Love & Road

“Probably your arrived here while searching for travel tips , travel inspiration or some hacks to travel on a budget… Not really??!! Oh, it’s ok, stay with us anyway! We are Nat and Rob, and Love and Road is all about our passion for travel, for writing and for life. In 2014 we sold our stuff and quit our jobs to pursue a dream: travel around the world. Now we are digital nomads, full-time travellers, sun-seekers and party animals [some things never change]. Here you will find great stories, postcard pictures, deep memories and precious travel resources. Feel free to browse around, leave you opinion and follow us. And maybe we can catch up for a coffee or a beer somewhere around the world. Happy Travels, Nat & Rob”

Luxe Adventure Traveler

“We’re Jennifer and Tim. We’re professional travel writers who love adventure and wine, so we often try to combine the two! By day, you’ll find us out on some crazy adventure like snorkeling in Iceland in winter or on a long distance hut-to-hut hike in the Dolomites, but by night, we’re creatures of comfort. If you’re looking for a travel blog about a long-term around-the-world journey, how to travel on $50 a day or less or traveling with kids, Luxe Adventure Traveler isn’t it. Our award-winning travel blog is all about heart pumping adventures, world class accommodations and luxury experiences.”

Midlife Road Trip

“It’s is our firm belief that travel is the perfect therapy for a midlife or any crisis no matter what your age. We’re about encouraging people to live their dreams, daring to try what they always wanted to do, go where they have never been and experience all that the world has to offer. Through food, travel and adventure we take them along for the ride, in the air, on the road or at sea. Whether it’s something as extreme as skydiving or as simple as learning to cook your favorite meal, the Midlife Road Trip cast and crew are committed to making the most of life {YOLO: You Only Live Once} in a fun and entertaining way. Our co-hosts, Rick Griffin and Sandi McKenna met through mutual friends on Twitter where a simple conversation launched the adventure of a lifetime.”


“We are Lesh and Jazza, travel writers and photographers who have been travelling the world together since 2008. Currently backpacking overland from Thailand to South Africa without taking any air transport, this site is about sustainable long-term adventure travel based on our own exciting experiences.”
A couple holds hands during a boat tour.

Ordinary Traveler

“Welcome to our adventure travel blog! We are Christy and Scott and we’ve been traveling the world together since 2006. Our goal is to inspire others to live an adventurous life, as well as provide trip ideas and helpful travel tips for people with limited vacation time.”

Suitcase Stories

“Suitcase Stories is a luxury travel guide, a house sitting guide and a place to find inspiration to live your own amazing life. Its a big world out there, it would be a shame not to see it!”

The Road Forks

“We are two travelers who are cooking and eating our way around the world. On this site, you will find stories of unique places, delicious foods, less than thrilling destinations, and sub-standard restaurants across the globe. Our wanderings inspire our home cooking so you will also find recipes like granola infused with Hawaiian flavors or earthy Tuscan pasta with porcinis. In the Off the Road section, you might find ramblings on writing, cooking, travel, and any other tidbits that my brain churns up.”

Travel with a Mate

“Travel with a mate is an online magazine of great travel advice, destination reviews and travel observations from around the world. Search our site by geographical location and check out our latest travel features. We also strive to bring you inspiring stories from real travel addicts travelling the world right now. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an expat in china, travel round the world with your partner, Be on the road for over a decade, work as you travel or travelling with a child, our interviews will tell you everything you need to know.”

Travelling Weasels

“Hello! We are Laura and Tanbay, an Anglo-German couple making our slow way around the world – luxuriously and cheaply.”

Vagabond Quest

“Hi! We are Dina and Ryan. We are backpackers. We have been on the road since April 2009, and we have hit more than 20 countries. We are fascinated by the differences between places that we’ve been. The traditions, the norms, and the behavior. We love to see the new things that are not usually found from where we are, like the remnants of ancient civilizations for example. Us, the two backpacks, and the clothes that we are wearing, that’s all what we have, and we certainly enjoy this simplicity. Some people ask, when will be the end of our journey? When are we going to settle? Our answer is, we don’t know yet. The world is a big place to explore, who knows what happen in the future. We will continue to explore while it’s possible.”

Wild Junket

“WildJunket is a travel blog with a focus on adventure travel, created to inspire others to get off the conventional trail and seek out extraordinary experiences. We see travel as a journey that enriches our lives and makes us better people – and we want to share that invaluable experience with you. We (Nellie and Alberto) are a married couple passionate about independent travel, outdoor adventures, languages and food. We’ve been traveling around the world hand-in-hand since 2003, experiencing over 90 countries on seven continents together. Along the way, we’ve lived and worked in London, Madrid, Granada, Tanzania and Singapore. Through the years, we have also spent months backpacking through South America, volunteering in Tanzania and exploring Southeast Asia. Some of our most memorable adventures include expedition cruising in Antarctica, overlanding the Silk Road, climbing an active volcano in Iceland, skydiving in Spain, wildlife watching on the Galapagos Islands and paragliding in South Africa. WildJunket was first created in 2008 to share our travel stories with friends and family but it has since grown tremendously, becoming one of the top travel websites in the world. Since its success, we’ve developed several projects together – one of which is the launch of WildJunket Magazine, a digital flipbook magazine that shares travel experiences and inspires readers on a deeper level.”

With Husband in Tow

“With over 65 countries and counting, I travel With Husband In Tow. Together, we are seeking new Adventures in Food as we travel on our stomachs. I love the food in Asia – the combination of fresh ingredients, thoughtful preparation, and the fantastic mix of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. Be it fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai bubble tea, Malay roti canai, or anything with a noodle . I obsess about Asian food, well really all food, and I could spend all day every day eating, if it were socially acceptable. Maybe we need to live in Italy at some point, where that behavior is socially acceptable. This blog started as a travel blog, cataloguing our adventures through Eastern Europe, Central America, and then Asia. Then, it turned into a bit more of an expat blog, sharing the trials and tribulations of living a life as an expat in Asia. Now, it has all of this and more as I realized my passion truly lies in food travel! I may provide a little travel advice along the way, to show you how you can have fun traveling, and maybe earn some money on the road. But, the focus is on eating, traveling for food, and all things pork! This is truly a food travel blog. After living Ubud, Bali, for 18 months, we are back out on the road. 2015 will be a year to expand the food travel blog and launch new businesses to sustain our digital nomad life, as we continue searching for new Adventures in Food.”