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Top Travel Apps To Simplify Your Trip

Smartphones have become much more than a form of communication for most people. Gone are the days when phones were used simply to make a call. Today, they are used as cameras, navigational systems, translators, calculators, and so much more, and they are essential to simplifying your next vacation. We’ve put together a list of some of the best apps out there that help make traveling a bit easier with just a few taps of your smartphone screen. You’ll feel less stressed just having this list handy.

Packing for a vacation, including a camera and smartphone


Detour is the perfect app for travelers who want to know every detail about their surroundings. It is a location-based app that guides you as you walk through a new city on vacation. The app is narrated by locals who know the city best, and each detour offers an element of storytelling that leaves listeners feeling like they’re walking around inside of a movie. The detours can be taken at your own pace and on your own schedule, so you can fit as much or as little as you’d like into your day of exploration. Although only a limited number of cities are currently available, you can suggest cities for future detours.

Cam Card

Not all travel can be solely for the purpose of having fun. Many travelers are oftentimes on the road for business reasons, and that’s when the app CamCard comes in handy. CamCard allows you to capture important business cards on the go by scanning them into your phone. The app takes care of the rest storing and organizing the contact information in your phone. Manage your cards by adding notes, setting reminders, and sharing and tagging cards for ultimate productivity. CamCard is also popular with frequent travelers because it eliminates the need to carry around a thick wallet of business cards. Go paperless using the app and make your wallet lighter and the environment greener. The app also accurately reads business cards in 16 different languages, so you can exchange information when you’re traveling internationally, too. Sync CamCard across all your devices and you’ll never be without crucial information when you travel.


The travel app, Concur, reduces stress on the road by allowing users to easily manage travel expenses from their smartphone. The app is integrated with some of the most popular business systems and tools to make managing business travel a seamless process. Whether you need to track how much you’ve spent on gas during your trip or create a detailed expense report, Concur can do it. Once it’s downloaded, you can easily view credit card transactions to add to and submit via expense reports or capture receipts with your camera. In addition to tracking expenses, you can approve travel as well as book flights using the app, too.

Dog Vacay

Dog wearing sunglasses sits on the beach with a towel

You might have a vacation planned, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is coming with you. That’s where the DogVacay app comes in handy. Search available pet sitters in your area and find one in your price range, so you can enjoy your vacation without the stress of worrying about your beloved pet. The app allows you to read reviews, find a sitter you can trust and pay for the service all online. DogVacay vets all sitters and each reservation provides a Peace of Mind Promise, which includes 24/7 customer support, daily photo updates, and premium pet insurance.


The needle on your gas gauge is flirting dangerously with the red ‘Empty’ sign, but you continue past the rest stop gas station with the hopes of finding one with less exorbitant gas prices. Sound familiar? With GasBuddy you no longer have to endure such a risk. The app allows you to view recent gas prices at surrounding gas stations, so you can easily find the cheapest place to fill up your tank. It functions as a group of local websites that give users the opportunity to share information about gas prices and easily identify the lowest priced fuel in their area. The app helps users save time and money by making the information readily available with just a few taps of the screen. Spending money on gas isn’t usually fun, but the GasBuddy app allows users to compete against other gasbuddies, rack up points by completing challenges, enter to win free gas every day.


Did you know it’s possible to speed up your body’s adjustment to a time change while traveling? Entrain is designed to do just that. The app uses the light you record to track your clock and then computes recommended schedules that will help to move your circadian clock to the right time zone. If you follow the suggested lighting schedules then your body should adjust to the time change quickly and decrease the lingering effects of jet lag you might experience. The app and the schedules it suggests are continuously being looked at by researchers at the University of Michigan, and any information you choose to submit regarding your travel schedule, lighting history, and jet lag will be used to improve Entrain.

Packing Pro

Whether you’re going away for a spontaneous weekend trip or you’ve planned a month-long vacation, packing can be stressful. There’s always that illusive phone charger or extra pair of pants that never makes it in the suitcase. Now, there’s an app to make sure you never forget to pack any of those crucial items again and it’s called Packing Pro. This app allows you to create lists of the items you need, so you remember all of the essentials. The app has a comprehensive catalog of over 800 items to choose from, so you may find items you didn’t even realize you needed on the list, and you can also create your own items and customize the lists for ultimate flexibility. What makes this app so much better than lists written with pen and paper is that you can share yours with fellow travelers, upload photos to remind you exactly what you wanted to bring along, and schedule alerts so you won’t forget to do anything important before your trip.


Airplane, view from airport terminal.

Airports can be chaotic and oftentimes you’re stuck at one for longer than you’d like. Whether your flight’s been delayed, you’ve missed your connection, or even the rare time when you’ve flown through security and have too much time to kill, LoungeBuddy helps you find a comfortable place to spend your time at the airport. Many airport lounges are open to everyone for a one-time fee and LoungeBuddy let’s you know which spots you can take advantage of while traveling.


TripIt gives travelers the ability to store all trip plans in one place. Whether it’s a master itinerary, confirmation numbers, restaurant reservations or rental information, it’s all easily accessible via this app. Travelers simply make the reservations and bookings, and then forward the confirmation to TripIt. From there, the app organizes the details into a master itinerary that is easy to navigate and always accessible.  With the tap of a finger, make changes to an itinerary, upload photos, or add notes to keep your itinerary on track, or view past trip information for inspiration.


Hopper strives to help travelers save money when purchasing flights. The app provides data-driven research with the aim of helping travelers find the right vacation destination for them while staying within their budget. Since no one likes to spend hours comparing prices and predicting future costs, Hopper does the work for you by analyzing airfare and making predictions based on the information at hand. After you enter your preferred vacation details, the app will notify you when flight prices are at their lowest in an effort to get you the best deals on flights.


When you’re visiting a new city it’s likely that you don’t know all of the best places to eat, drink and hang out. Use the Localeur app to find recommendations from the locals of all of the hot spots to check out in the area. Search by interest, see what places your friends have favorited or simply scroll through travel tips. The curated community offers visitors suggestions to experience the city like a true local. When you’re home, share your favorite places to go in your own city and earn local influence.


Two men riding bicycles along the street

Spinlister is an app that connects visitors with locals renting out bicycles, surfboards, and snowboards and then helps to facilitate a seamless rental process. It plays into the sharing economy, bringing down the cost of travel for vacationers while also encouraging travelers to consume less. Travelers simply input their location to view available bicycles in the area, and then Spinlister displays information, such as photos, price, and additional details. The app gives travelers the opportunity to reserve bicycles in advance to see a new city as the locals do.


For those traveling abroad who need a refresher on a different language, Quizlet is the ideal app. Its use of flashcard sets, study games, and tests make studying on the go a cinch for travelers. Create your own study set of terms and definitions to study. You can upload images and define terms yourself or use Quizlet’s auto-define feature to speed up the process of creating each study set. You can also search from more than 40 million existing study sets to find your topic if you’re not interested in making your own. With Quizlet’s help, you’ll be a language pro by the time your flight lands in its final destination.

Parking Panda

Parking Panda is an app that gives you a leg up when looking for a place to park on vacation. Since it’s likely you won’t know all the hidden places to park like locals might, Parking Panda gives you the chance to find, reserve, and pay for parking in many cities throughout the country. The app lessens the stress of traveling for those new to a city and gives pricing information up front to help avoid unexpected expenses. It’s a must-download for travelers embarking on an urban getaway.