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Most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day, according to couple bloggers

Love is in the air this time of year. February brings forth Valentine’s Day, where we shower our loved ones in chocolates, gifts, and affection. If you’re looking to go BIG this year for your sweetheart, consider a surprise trip abroad, where romance is around every corner.

We reached out to our favorite couple bloggers to get their advice on the most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day around the world. It’s not too late to plan a last minute getaway! Or simply plan ahead to make your 2017 holiday unforgettable. Click on the blogger’s name for their website, and click on the location to see what rentals we have available on site.

eTramping: Ko Samui, Thailand

Ko Samui, one of the most stunning islands in Thailand, is a perfect romantic holiday and honeymoon destination. Why? It has everything that love birds need to enjoy themselves and make their stay unforgettable: sunset beach dinners, tropical flowers everywhere, romantic surprises and massages.Once you get there with your second half, the island will greet you with amazing Thai food and delicious cocktails. The next day you can take a sunset cruise for two and hire a professional photographer to shoot a series of lasting holiday mementos that you will both never forget. If you are an active couple who loves to go sightseeing a lot, we would definitely recommend exploring the Waterfalls (especially Waterfalls 1 where you can swim), visiting the Giant Buddha and local markets. If you prefer to relax and take it slow, treat yourselves with a traditional Thai massage, fruit smoothie and a long walk across the beach at night.Whatever you decide to do on Samui, do enjoy yourselves to the fullest because there is no better place for two people who are in love to cherish amazing moments.

Peanuts or Pretzels: New Zealand

While staying at beach resorts, thatched-roof bungalows, mountain cabins, and even tree houses have all been romantic in their own way, our favorite romantic destination was exploring New Zealand by RV. From camping on a beach and gazing out at the waves illuminated by the moonlight, sleeping next to a giant waterfall and listening to the sound of the roaring water all night, to being high in the mountains and looking up at a twinkling sky filled with more stars than we had ever seen. These experiences with only the two of us together (and no crowds around) made for some of the most romantic memories. It felt like it was just us…and this amazing, beautiful world!

We Travel Together: Bali, Indonesia

Not too long ago we visited Bali, and with a private villa and private pool it was such a romantic place. And to top it all off we spent new years eve on the beach where we had a romantic candle light dinner for two overlooking the sunset and the NYE fireworks in Jimbaran Bay.

Notes of Nomads: Karuizawa, Japan

Our favorite romantic travel destination would have to be the Japanese resort town of Karuizawa, nestled in the foothills of Mt. Asama in Nagano Prefecture. If there was ever a town that showcases the natural beauty of all four of Japan’s seasons, this has to be it. Think forests, mountains, waterfalls, log cabins, and quaint cafes and shops. You can hit the slopes or go ice skating during winter, and enjoy hiking and summer sports in the glorious 25°C average temperature in the warmer months. We love it in autumn, when the leaves turn various hues of red, orange and yellow, and the air is crisp enough to enjoy evenings bundled up by a wood fire. Don’t just take it from us though; simply ask any of the thousands of brides who choose Karuizawa as their wedding destination every year, or the much beloved Emperor and Empress of Japan whose fairy tale romance actually started on a tennis court in Karuizawa way back in 1957.

The Global Couple: Koh Tao, Thailand

The most romantic destination we have visited is Koh Tao in Thailand. This may seem an odd choice for a romantic destination, but it is a special place for us because it’s where we got engaged! It is a great romantic destination though – Koh Tao offers amazing luxury private villas (we had one with a private infinity pool and it was incredible), spa and massage services, fancy restaurants where you can eat on the water’s edge facing the sunset, and long beaches where you can stroll hand-in-hand. We loved Koh Tao!

One Road at a Time: Aix en Provence, France

Aix en Provence is one of our favorite romantic travel destinations. From strolling hand-in-hand along the narrow cobble stone streets through the open air markets, to dining al fresco at an outdoor cafe, or just sitting near one of the city’s many fountains, sipping a glass of wine while watching the world go by; time spent in Aix en Provence inspires romance.

Market Square, Bruges

Wanderlust Marriage: Bruges, Belgium

For us, there can only be one answer to where our favorite romantic destinations is… Bruges, Belgium because that’s where we first met 13 years ago! Bruges is a city that oozes romance and is also one of the most well preserved medieval villages in Europe. Indulging in delicious chocolates and wandering around the beautiful canals is sure to add spice to your trip (and the awesome beers don’t hurt either!).

Indefinite Adventure: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

There’s this little place in the south of the Czech Republic called Cesky Krumlov. It’s a cute medieval town on a bend in a river with its own castle and plenty of narrow, winding alleys to get lost in. When the sun’s up, it’s a popular place for day-trippers from Prague to visit and can get busy, but after 6pm or so it clears out and you can wander around unimpeded; the perfect place for a romantic evening stroll.


Global Goose: Rome, Italy

We spent a week together in Rome, just wandering aimlessly through the streets and talking. Around every corner there was something historic and beautiful – a fountain, a statue, a narrow cobblestone passageway. It’s hard not to stumble across something amazing. We admired the treasures of the Vatican, sat in the sun near the ancient ruins, stuffed ourselves on pizza and pasta and drank wine until we were giddy.