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14 Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017

We’re back with a new list of the top Instragram accounts to follow – and although we nominated many qualified users last year – we may have outdone ourselves with this year’s batch. We think these award-winners do a fantastic job of making you feel like you’re abroad, even if you’re just scrolling through your phone. Let these incredible Instagram accounts show you corners of the globe you may never see in person. Better yet: let them inspire you to book a FlipKey rental and start planning your next trip right now, not later.


Kiersten Rich is a lifestyle blogger who quit her successful career in corporate finance to travel the world.  Her incredible pictures highlighting everything from fashion to food to festivals will have you wanting to do the same.

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Are you into beautiful beaches, picturesque swimming pools and cool cocktails around the world? Luxury travel blogger Christina Vidal’s Instagram is full of fabulous adventures in more than 50 countries around the world. Following her glamorous, sun-soaked lifestyle will have you green with envy.

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Le Postcard is dedicated to showing off the luxe travel habits of jet-setters around the globe, showcasing some of the most glamorous holiday locations in the world as well as the essential products you need to vacation in style.

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Captain and Charlie sold their house to buy an incredible luxury yacht, where they now spend their days coasting along the Mediterranean.

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For adventure, Vancouver-based Alex is your go-to Instagrammer. He creates a world straight out of The Wild with his incredible landscapes. Based out of beautiful Vancouver, Alex’s photos are crisp and awe-inspiring.

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Ryan’s goofball Instagram is pure fun. He never ceases to make you jealous of his awesome vacations and even better personality. From photos of the Greek Isles to the BVI’s to the Caribbean to Mexico, he will definitely inspire you to Pause the Moment to travel the world.

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Lauren’s life is full of oceans, waterfalls, and beautiful scenery. Following her will make you want to ditch your winter coat for a bikini and get “wander-fully lost”, asap.

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Siddhartha Joshi Punekar’s Instagram feed is a visual treat for any culturally-focused traveler. From Andhra Pradesh to the streets of Cardona, Spain—his visual representation of unique adventures across the world are undoubtedly worth a follow.

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We’d like to go ahead and crown Jared Chambers, based out of LA, the landscape king.  His stunning photos will continue to have you wowed on a daily basis.

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An American ex-pat living in New Zealand, Liz Carlson’s photos NZ-focused adventures are the epitome of wanderlust-worthy.

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The Vagabondish has been a leader in the travel blogger community for years and his photos prove why. You won’t be disappointed following this master of all things travel.

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In his hometown of Acapulco, Mexico, Raphael caught the travel bug and never looked back. Today, his Instagrams, and detailed captions, inspire realizing extraordinary moments in the every day.

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Based in New York, Sam Horine is the perfect combination of photographer and explorer. When he isn’t Instagramming, he’s teaching classes at NYU and contributing photos to top NY publications. His viewpoints and elegantly raw cityscapes will leave you breathless.

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Matt Long is the ultimate travel blogger, writer, and photographer. We love his adventurous photography as well as his beautifully-written long paragraph descriptions. Not many Instagrammers can captivate an always-scrolling audience like he can.

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